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Is Fae trolling/drunk posting again?
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Is your clutch slipping?
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Originally Posted by Bond View Post
UHM, What? It has been proven here many a time that signal line length doesn't make a lick of difference. Diameter, however, that's a different story. Come on fiance Fae, figure it out.
OK well your datas can suck dicks snookums because when I moved mine over there, my spool was slower by 500rpm.
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Updates? Did you figure it out? What was it?
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No, haven't had time to play with it. The flyin miata down pipe just arrived though.
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Tubular equal length manifold vs log type.. 60 hp gain on a civic...same psi


After reading around more...why would he tune the 230 when hes only boosting 12 psi?

12psi of boost is 82.7kPa over atmosphere so thats 182.7 on the adaptronic kpa window...
As far as those dyno charts.. were u/tuner hearing ping or not? That timing is kicked down **** ton. Also was he running det cans or tunning by the stock knock sensor shown on the adaptronic? At last did he allow some knock to pass by before kicking down timing?

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