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Default diyPnP assembly question

Hey guys,
I spent a few hours yesterday assembling my diyPnP and so far things are going well but I have one question for you. The instructions say to put thermal paste on some of the larger transistors and then attach them to the PCB with the supplied hardware. My problem is I don't see any "supplied hardware" that will do the job. My kit came with some screws for the case and a bunch of small bolts w/washers that maybe could work but no nuts, so to speak. Am I just being an idiot here or did they forget to include something or maybe they no longer recommend attacking them to the PCB or...? Thanks in advance for your help.
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There should be small nuts in the same package the screws came in, IIRC.
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IIRC it's in the baggie that teh 8 screws are in.
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Thanks guys I found them so I guess this problem falls in the "I'm an idiot category." I do have another question though, I've completed the main assembly and basic jumpers and now I'm working on Miata specific stuff in the application documents. My question is two fold. First, the main assembly instructions say that R39 is optional but the application documents don't specify either way, do I need it or not? Second, I want to confirm that for the pullup resistors all I need to do is connect OPTO+ and VR2 to 12v and 5v respectively with a 470 ohm resistor, is this right? Thanks for your help again.
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R39 is not needed for a Miata. You are correct about the pullups.
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