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Default AEM FIC Tuning

So my car is now very drivable, I but had some questions about the AEM FIC.

My setup
550cc rc injectors, BEGI S2 2554, FM 2.75 duals and mid pipe. Set at 10psi.

MAF no connected to FIC.

Problem 1.
Quickly mashing on the petal, makes a lean bog below 2500rpm - adding fuel doesnt appear to be helping.

Vacuum MAP is set to -45.3 all the way up to 14.7.... at idle the car has a zero short term trim, but at 6500 RPM the car the car is at 10.1 afr.
Others people maps are all horizontally linear in the vacuum map so i dont understand why mine is different.

Problem 3 and 4.
I noticed that at high RPMs in the logs my RPM map bounces around 6000 - 5800 - 6100 - 5900 - 6200 - 6000 - 6300...... Is this normal?
I get the same with thing with the map sensor, some times it will spike high for no reason. ( I added a restriction to the vacuum line and haven't looked at a log yet but I hope that it fixed it.)

I found in the forum once before a tuning guide for turbo motors, that told the ideal AFR to aim for, I cant seem to locate it again.
Right now I aiming for 11.5 - 12 AFR under boost but was wondering what areas it was OK to aim for 13 to help save a little fuel.
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Ok I think that I may have solved one of my questions, I need to go back and recheck my long term fuel trims. My scan gauge attaches it to my bad secondary 02 so I misunderstood its function. I thought that having my short term fuel trim at zero would correct the long term over time, but from what I read the long term trim is an addition to the short trim. So if my long term is at say -18 then then the car can be bouncing around to different maps causing my fuel spikes.

Here is a guide i found in another forum
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