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Back from a really fun weekend at CMP!

Got everything buttoned up over the past two weeks. Thursday night I was hunting coolant leaks, the first one was easy just needed some teflon on the big plug on the waterneck plate. Second leak was coming from the actual housing, so I figured I didn't use the correct amount of sealant between the two pieces. Redid it, still leaking. So then I felt under the temp sensor and yup, it was leaking.

This cooper washer got mangled up at some point, it's kinda big actually

So I looked through my spare parts and found a properly sized oil plug washer to use instead. Put it on, no more leaks!

CMP event was good, especially considering it was the shake-down event after the engine replacement. I had two issues during the weekend, both my fault but caused no harm and I didn't miss any sessions.
1. My throttle cable came off the bracket, I didn't tighten it properly. It popped off at the end of the warm-up session. I pull off race-line thinking it was completely disconnected, but thankfully I saw the checkered flag and tried the throttle and it worked! Just barely, limped it back into the pits to get a qualifying time.
2. The accessory belt stopped spinning, the alt got tilted all the way towards the engine, I didn't tighten the tensioner properly. I noticed it when I was in grid and walked around the car to tighten the gopro mount. Heard the squeak, popped the engine, saw the alt and waterpump pulleys not moving, puttered it back to my paddock spot, tightened it, went out 1 lap down.

My previous best was 1:51.9, but I've always been there when it's HOT. This time it was ******* COLD low of 37 high of 50, so the afternoon sessions turned out to be optimal.

First timed session got down to a 1:51.6xx, sweet new PB! But Luke did a 1:52.2 on old tires, too close must go faster!

Second timed session is when my alt belt went to ****, but still got out there in the middle of TT1/2/3 Vette traffic, trying to get out of their way, but managed to get a semi-clean lap on the last one, down to a 1:50.8xx even better! But Luke is down to a 1:51.6 and I notice an unknown entry down to a 1:51.4, who is this?! I go snooping around paddock and find the car is a SM being driven by a 13yr old kid....made me feel real old, lol. Found out he did a 1:50.7xx in SM qualifying, holy **** must go faster!!

Third timed session and the kid is behind me, Luke behind him. I get red mist "I WILL NOT LET THE KID PASS ME!!!" Thankfully it worked and I got down to a 1:50.3xx, Luke and the kid in the SM car both actually slowed down. I felt really good about that lap because the standing record is 1:49.8xx. Right before this session I started putting fuel in my car, I was at around 1/4-1/3 tank after the last session and I figured they would weigh us soon. I put about 2.5gallons in the car then hear my friend say "wait! I already put in 5 gallons!" So now the fuel tank is FULL and I'm over weight ~60lbs, whatever..... send itttt?

In all seriousness, that kid in SM has some great talent. He beat the standing NASA SM record there by 1.2 seconds and was legitimately running in TTE with RRs. His dad told me he has 10,000 track miles in the SM car, which is way longer than my last engine lasted It seems like he pushed the rest of the NASA-SE SM group too, because a few that are usually 1.5-2 second back from me were running low-mid 1:51s by Sunday. Goes to show that competition is great and will encourage people push the envelope, which I enjoy a lot myself.

So with a new SM time of 1:50.7xx, I wanted to see if my car was way off pace or not. I could have put on fresher tires and gone out there to hopefully run mid 49s, but I already won and it's easier for me to just stick my alien driver friend in the car to see what happens. As expected, by his 2nd lap he turned a 1:49.7xx, 3rd lap he messed up the fastest section of the track, but on the 4th lap he managed a 1:48.5xx. This resets the record and makes me feel real slow . Either way it was good to see him benchmark the car and he noted some of the recent changes really helped. The properly depowered steering rack allowed him to slip around much easier, the prop-valve let him brake deeper, and the car had more power/torque since the last time he drove it(which was pre-stahl header/pre-fresher engine). This also matched all my thoughts about the changes as well, yay.

Here's his 1:48.5xx lap!

On Sunday we mounted up purple crack to this happy mug black bandit :

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Originally Posted by flier129 View Post
the prop-valve let him brake deeper
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Originally Posted by flier129 View Post
On Sunday we mounted up purple crack to this happy mug black bandit :
Look at the excitement on that kids face! Hahaha, thanks again for letting me thrash around with some real tires. Too bad my spring rates are garbage and couldn't hang.
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