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Default 1990 Mazda Miata - $4,500 obo

Category: Import
Status: Clean Title

I have a 1990 Mazda Miata for sale, in USA - New Jersey.

Mileage: 131,000 miles
VIN: JM1NA35I lLO133358
Engine Size: 1.6L

Asking price is $4,500 obo

Seller Information: Mike
Email: [email protected]

1990 Mazda Miata 1.6L Hardtop
Vin: JM1NA35I lLO133358
Located Middlesex County NJ
Mileage : 131,279
$4,500 or best offer
Please do not PM me and email me at

[email protected]

This car has a clean carfax, please see the VIN I have provided. It has reports on carfax from 1989 from the date it was purchased, to the state inspections it passed every time, and when it changed owners. This Miata has changed hands among 3 friends as a weekend and autocross/track car. All of us are car enthusiasts who not only properly drive a car, but also take pride with the maintenance and upgrades that we have performed on the car. I cannot stress and more that we are not a group of kids that think we know what we are doing with cars. I have some receipts of work and parts over the life of the car. I can prove what I am saying by coming down and checking out the condition of the car. Yeah the exterior isn’t pretty; however there is no rust on the car and is in pretty good shape. The drivers side door was once repainted, and if the condition of the paint is a concern after seeing the car in person, I have friends in the body shop/paint field that will help us out. I am not in any immediate rush to sell the car, so please no low blows. The car is truly a strong and well maintained car from the brakes to the engine/trans. The air conditioning even works! The 1.6L motor is stronger than the 1.8L because in japan they used that 1.6l bottom end in a turbo Mazda (I think for a Protégé). With proper maintenance I can see the engine lasting another 100,000 miles. My last compression test showed from cyl 1-4 (176)(175)(180)(176) The car is sold as is and the sale is final. Cash only.

For Miata Newbies:
For those that are into autocross and track days know the value of a Miata between its reliability and handling. During a track days, the setup I have on this car will allow you to drive faster than Corvettes and Porsches in the corners, and on the right road course you maintain faster lap times as well. My experience for a track weekend is as follows:
It starts with changing the oil before the track weekend. Drive there to the track towing my tools and tires for the weekend. Run on the track for two days. Then drive it back home.
By far this car has been and is the least expensive track/weekend car to maintain and enjoy yourself in. It is one of the easiest cars to drive and improve your skills on the track. If you continue to maintain the vehicle properly, it will maintain its value and will be able to sell it for around as much as when you purchased it.
My reason for selling the car is because I cannot keep this car anymore with a kid on the way, so my hobby of tracking cars is done for the next few years. It is amazing how children change everything.

Regular Maintenance includes: (I go a little overboard with my maintenance)
• Oil Changes with Castrol Synthetic 10w-30 before every track weekend
• Trans Fluid changes with a Redline Gear oil & MTF 50/50 mix once a season
• Spark Plugs and wires once a season
• Clean air filter once a season
• Serpentine belts were changed once during my ownership.
• Pads and rotors once a season
• Brake fluid gets bled with ATE Super Blue Dot 4 every other track weekend.
• Fuel Filter once a year

Below is the parts and modification list:
(I have kept a list since I got the car)

Part Brand Model Cost
Roll Bar Hard Dog Hard Core Hardtop M2 $465.00
Harness Bar Hard Dog Harness Bar $150.00
Roll Bar Camera Mount Custom Fabricated $20.00
Seats Corbeau Pair, Fixed Seats $462.00
Harnesses RJI Camlock Pull Down Harness $292.00
Steering Wheel Momo DRG34BKOB $128.00
Sway Bar Front Racing Beat Tublar with mazda racing endlinks $130.00
Sway Bar Rear Racing Beat Solid with mazda racing endlinks $110.00
Mazda Competition upper shock mount Flying Miata $90.00
Front Strut Bar Generic purchased used $40.00
Struts/Shocks Koni Koni Yellow $606.00
Sway bar blocks and bolts Racing Beat for 90-95 with power steering $34.00
Springs H&R H&R Race Springs 1.5" drop $250.00
Front Pads Carbotech XP10 $141.00
Rear Pads Carbotech XP8 $124.00
Rotors Brembo Brembo Blanks $132.00
Intake Neuspeed Neuspeed Filter $60.00
Power Door Locks Generic $30.00
Power Trunk Release Generic $15.00
Alarm Viper Unlock, Lock, trunk Release $100.00
Radio + speakers Sony Basic cd/mp3 with aux + pioneer speakers $150.00
Exhuast Flying Miata 2.25" catback $441.00
Test Pipe Custom Custom $40.00
Header Generic Race Header purchased second hand $100.00
Auto Trans Radiator Mazda Upgraded to Dual Core Automatic $150.00
OEM NA Hardtop Mazda Painted Black with Defrost $1,000.00
Total Invested in Parts Only $5,260.00

Please Read, Very Important!!

The car in the pictures shows some items that I plan on selling individually unless you can make me an offer. To clarify, the sale price does not include the items below. Asking $5,500 for the car and everything listed below. I will not sell these items until the car sells. I will update my post at that time.
• Black Rota Slip Stream replica’s made by “Flik” 7.0” 15” +35 offset wheels with Kumho V710s 205/50/15
• Silver TR Motorsports 7.5” 15” + 42 offset wheels with 225/45/15 A6 Hoosiers
• 97 Miata Rear 1.8L Torsen Diff with axels and driveshaft 4.1 Gears
• 205/50/15 Avon Tech RA set of tires
• 205/50/15 Kumho V700 set of tires
• Curt Hidden Hitch - 11746 Class 1 1.25" Receiver


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All of your 10 questionable posts took place in the span of 28 minutes--including the car for sale ad. You've been registered since last year, so why wouldn't you have posted 10 times in the last 17 months?

What's even weirder? I dont think you need any posts to post a car for sale.
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To bad you only chose to be a posting member until you had to get rid of your miata and got banned. Looks like a solid hpde car.
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Originally Posted by y8s View Post
All of your 10 questionable posts took place in the span of 28 minutes--including the car for sale ad. You've been registered since last year, so why wouldn't you have posted 10 times in the last 17 months?

What's even weirder? I dont think you need any posts to post a car for sale.
So why ban him?
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^Because that's not how we roll around here. Contribute something worthwhile, even if it's just nudes of your wife, and you can stay. Post-***** and fail.
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Yeah, I'm familiar with the nature of the forum. I thought his posts were on-topic, but I guess someone felt differently.
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5k+ in crap =/= 4k 1.6l.
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