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Default 2000 Mazda Miata (Big Gulp) - $7000

Category: Import
Status: Clean Title

I have a 2000 Mazda Miata (Big Gulp) for sale, in USA - Tennessee.

Mileage: 43,000 miles On the Body 23k on the motor

Asking price is $7000 OBO

Seller Information: Randy Walker
Phone: (865) 266-0600
Email: [email protected]

It looks like I am possibly moving across the country, to California. In which case Big Gulp can't very well go with me. I recently completed the repairs to get the engine running like a top, and had it tuned up. Currently it has the transmission out though, waiting on a pressure plate. I likely won't get to that, so either bring a new one and fix it yourself in my garage and drive it home, or bring a way to tow her.

The cars runs great and is stronger than ever!! I was really looking forward to shredding the roads again this summer, but it is much better for my career to move to California... Which in turn is better for my Miata fun in the future.

I really do not want to see the car parted out, so I would like someone who will appreciate the car buy it.. The motor is STOUT! The car is WICKED fast!!!

I would like to get $7k for it as it sits. That is less than half of what is in the motor alone.
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And with her wing installed from a 2001 MazdaSpeed Roadster Japanese only model..
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The description from my CL ad...

The car is a Sunlight Silver 2000 Miata LS. with Beige Leather Interior, Tan Top and TONS of POWER!!!!!
now, what makes this little Miata so fast and so special? It has in it a professionally built 1.8L engine, It has been Balanced and Blueprinted, ported and polished from top to bottom, Weisco Pistons, Pauter Rods, 550 CC Injectors from an RX7, A custom cold side Intercooled Magnuson MP62 supercharger, Custom Coil On Plug system, Methanol Injection system from Devil's Own... Yea.. that's right.. Methanol!! For that added little OOMPH!! And if the Methanol does not give you enough OOMPH, on top of the Massive Supercharger... There is also a 150 HP shot of Nitrous... All of it is controlled by a Haltech ECU, which can be programmed by laptop with the supplied USB cable. The car has Front and rear sway bars, Eibach springs, 949 Racing 6UL wheels.. These are the Black with chrome lip wheels. They are perfect and no longer made. Some of the best racing wheels you can get for a Miata. Even the wing is special.. The wing on it ONLY came on a limited edition Japanese model and only for one or two years. The wing alone is worth over $1200, the Wheels at least $800. The motor has over $14k worth of work and parts in it, I am asking less than HALF of the value of this little hot rod. The motor itself has around 23k miles on it, it was a 3k mile motor when built. The car was dyno'd at 347 RWHP at 26 PSI of boost. I will include that pulley. I run a more street favorable pulley which gives me 16 PSI and and healthy 275ish RWHP. Which is still more than enough to out accelerate MOST of the cars on the road here.
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Great deal.

FYI..You could sell the MP62, COP, and get a FFS/Rotrex carb legal kit and be fine in Cali. Will be far cheaper than ever trying to replicate the big gulp on your own once you get to commiefornia. Being as its a 49 state car you have a little extra advantage as well (no pre-cat)
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I would love nothing more than to take it with me, but to be honest, I could REALLY use the funds for the move It took a lot for me to come to this decision, especially after fixing it and getting it running so nice...

But It would help soooo much.. to sell the ole girl to someone who will continue to enjoy her as she sits.

Also to be legal in Kali I believe I would have to sell the Haltech ECU and replace the entire wiring harness, sensors and exhaust as well. Plus a few other items

Also I will work with an enthusiast on shipping if they want it shipped to them.
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This looks like maybe the LS model? Looks like you might have done a coolant reroute, moved the alternator, does the car still have power steering and A/C?

How's the cooling system working out on a hard drive at 16psi? Any previous accidents?
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The cooling system will take you to below ambient under full boost and no, the car has never been wrecked.
It does have AC, but I think it needs recharged. It kicks on and everything but blows warm... Never bothered with it. It has a Manual rack, not a de-powered rack.
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I wish it was drivable - I'm in Toronto and would be interested in taking a flight down there...

I was thinking about buying an NSX, but this thing looks absolutely badass.
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Buy the ACT Extreme Pressure Plate and bring her down... The car is in the garage, on jack stands.

Richard and I fixed her before I bought her and took it on an immediate road trip from Florida to Tennessee, Well fix her and send you on your way too!!

I really do hate to see the car go. It has been the most amazing machine I have ever owned. The sheer power that it puts out, the torque coming form that 4 banger is impressive.

It is a LOT more raw and ferocious to drive than my Charger is!! A very visceral machine. As I have said.. The body is not perfect. It has scratches and a couple minor dings. But no one EVER notices them. I do, and when I point the issues out they tell me I am being silly... But the car DOES need a paintjob if youw ant her to be a show winner.

Me I liked her slightly scarred looks. Give it a meaner feeling, plus you are not afraid of scratching it!

This car was built to be RUN! and it needs to be RUN! She drinks Hightest and Methanol. I have run it without either, but it does not like to be without at least 91 octane gas. The Methanol helps to cool the intake air temps and thus cool down combustion. I would not run HARD boost without any Methanol. But it is drivable without it. I even have a couple gallons or so to go with the car. 1 gallon got me from Florida to Tennessee... boosted 60% of the time

As for is the car mean, wicked and fast?
Ask the BMW Z4 M series fastback that spent 100 miles on the Florida Turnpike TRYING to catch me
Ask the Ferrari 308 in North Knoxville, Ask the Local Mustang GT's.... They will tell you to leave me alone! They HATE being beaten by the little Miata.
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I was asked some question in a PM and he suggested I share them with you, so here they are and my responses...

How's the top? Any rips? Tears? Glass window with a defroster?
The top is vinyl with glass and defroster. The sides each have a small wear/tear in them that Richard patched when he owned it. I have driven it in the rain and they did not leak. But it could use a top. I wanted a Black one. However, this is a Good weather car.

This much power in the rain makes for an interesting ride. But if you take the Supercharger belt off you could let your grandmother drive it in the rain.

It just needs you to practice and learn pedal control. This is a seriously powerful car. It can and would get you into a lot of trouble if you let it. Let's just be honest here. Now with that said, do I let rain stop me if I get caught in it? Nope. I leave the top down. So long as you go over 15 mph you stay dry! But I also have a lot of experience with higher horsepower cars. And while this is not a 600 hp road monster, it also weighs half of those road monsters.. so you just have to be careful.

What tires are on it? Are they worn? Are the 6ul's 15x9s?
The 6ul's are 15x8's.
The tires are... I can't remember but I will check later. It is whatever size Emillio recommends.
The tires themselves are Falkin Azenis. I like them myslef.
The tires are getting low and will need to be replaced by the winter.

Stock diff? LSD?
It is the Stock Diff and it is the stock LSD and stock 5 speed.
I have a new ACT 6 puck clutch and it needs an ACT Extreme Pressure Plate.
The stock flywheel is fine, will need refinishing. The engine crank was balanced with the flywheel and pulleys on it. So I would not replace the stock one, just machine it. And trust me on this one, you do not want a light flywheel on this car.

Is your hp rating including the nitrous? Was this ever dyno'd?

The car was never dyno'd with anything but pure motor. No Nitrous, no Methanol. It should be interesting. The car was dyno'd while running 26 PSI on the smaller pulley I have and water injection, PRE-charger to cool the charger down. It was dyno'd in Florida while Richard owned it at 347 RWHP and 310 or something.. drawing a blank this second Torque.

I should point out, that the supercharger on the car is basically new. It was NEVER overspun to hit 26 PSI. Ever. The supercharger that ran at 26 PSI was the twin to this, Richard bout 3 at the same time. The first one ran 26 PSI and water pre-cooling for 3 or so years I believe. no issues. Until he started the car without the air filter on it. It immense suction this car creates scooped up a hefty bolt and destroyed the supercharger. This one has never had the factory pulley off the nose. I sold the other new one on a lotus forum. It was still wrapped in plastic. This S/C has maybe 9-10k miles on it, by my guestimate. They are usually good for 100k miles between checkups.

Does it still need methanol with the 16psi pulley?

It needs the Methanol for the extra octane and the cooling properties under heavy boost. If I am tooling around town, I set the Devil's Own metered controller to not turn the methanol on until 6 or 7 PSI with it coming on full around 11 PSI.

But yes you should have it in the car anytime the supercharger belt is on. Besides, it does not use much of it. 5 gallons lasted me a year.

Does it pass emissions testing for a state inspection?
Rolls around on the floor laughing his **** off...

Ok ok, sorry, seriously on this one...
No. Not a chance. I would not expect it to pass any strict emissions without some reworking and loss of power. It has no Cat. It has no Environmental systems, no PCV, it vents to atmosphere and has a mostly free flowing exhaust, does not use the factory sensors or much of the factory ECU. You won't get much out of OBDII on this car.

Sure you COULD tune it to not need methanol.... You COULD make it pass emissions and give up some horse power. It wouldn't even cost THAT much to do. If you HAD to.

But why would you? That is not what Big Gulp is about. Big Gulp is about glorious extravagance. Big Gulp is the product of a mad man with deep pockets! Big Gulp is a celebration of Horsepower and Raw Brutality! If that is not what you want, Then you do NOT want this car.

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I will definitely vouch for this car. It is mean as hell. I work in a performance shop, and have seen my fair share of fast cars, and this one is definitely way up there. I was the one in the passenger seat when the clutch turned into a handful feathery globs. I'm also the one who tore the transmission out of it to fix the clutch (ok, Randy did a lot too). If I had the cash, this car would sit right where it is until I got the clutch back in it, at which point it would drive across town into my garage.
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Ah yes the clutch!!!
You mean my new pet....
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Yea the car decided she did not like that clutch disc any longer.

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And just think Jonathan, the whole time you were in the car, it never once actually hooked up like it is supposed to.
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