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Exclamation 4500 rpm hesitation @ WOT

hi everyone i have a problem i have a 91 miata turbo and its really pissing me off.

as i drive the car normal (light on the gas) and try to rev past 4500rpm, it does no problem


when i drive the car and get going 2nd - 5rd gear it hesitates at 4500rpm @ WOT and wont go past ... its like i hit a wall.

90 miata rebuilt. compression very good
3k on the motor
tdo4 turbo
stock ecu
greddy rubic3 2 additional injectors
stock maf (i dont know its a problem but the maf is slanting upward)
vmount intercooler
blitz electronic boost controller

thanks everyone .. plz help ... im really lost
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What does your wideband say?
Sounds like lack of fuel or spark blowout as far as I can tell.
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O2 clamp?
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How much boost you running, kid?

Step 1. Replace your spark plug wires

Step 2. Replace your ECU

your Stock ECU is pulling fuel under boost. Your 2 band-aid injectors aren't going to do **** if the 4 primary injectors aren't fueling the car.

Olderguy (above) is too humble to post this link for you:
^^^get this if you're too cheap to get a decent ECU^^^

Step 3. Next time, don't be such a , use the damn search button.

One vote for Fail Facter based on OP username choice.

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Like my colleagues said, how much boost, what's the AFR when this happens, what's your spark plug gap, why didn't you post an intro, why didn't you search the many threads on this issue, why isn't you location in your profile, why do noobs make me sigh.

Better go put a diaper on and grab a napkin because when hustler and samnavy get up it's going to get ugly. This has been covered over and over. Don't be surprised if you get flamed.

1. Intro
2. Stickies
3. Search(this one's very important)
4. Read
5. Bathe yourself in turbo goodness

I'm sure you don't go to some random persons house you have never met before just walk in unannounced and say "hey make me a sandwich", do you?
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