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Originally Posted by apariah View Post
Which XTD clutch are you using, with what Pressure Plate, Throw Out Bearing, Pilot Bearing?
I've heard both really good and really bad reviews, but few people tell you specifics of the parts used. I'm only running 8.8 psi right now, and saw slippiage the other night while carrying a passenger at max boost. I thinking I may need to just go ACT, but i'm open to other options.

Either for this car, or the next.

By Techsalvager

I used everything from this XTD clutch kit, clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out and pilot bearing. Yes I"m streeting a 6 puck disc

I think alot of people aren't realizing that the XTD 6 puck is a SPRUNG clutch disc, it is not a unsprung disc.
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Originally Posted by samnavy View Post
The other thing to consider with puck'd clutches is the transfer of energy to other parts of the drivetrain. All the jerkiness and chatter gets absorbed by the tranny and dif (on the stock 6" 90-93, that's bad).

I've driven 6-pucks before... and for the street, you're outa your mind.
What 6 puck did you drive and was it sprung or unsprung?
I believe\would figure the 6 puck that are sprung will less tendency to transfer energy like you mentioned compared to say a unsprung one
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You have to admit you have to drive a little different to make it engage smooth, and even then it will chatter from time to time. If it's not a daily driver, pucked hands down.
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Originally Posted by hustler View Post
ACT sucks. Every clutch I've seen installed from them had dog-**** engagement, and several have engagement so low that even with the max-adjustment you still have to stomp the pedal into the carpet for it to release.
I used to think the same thing...turns out my slave was going bad.

After Robert and I threw one of his spares on there it's been butter ever since. I actually need to adjust it DOWN a little bit right now.

I hate to talk someone out of a good clutch, especially after harping on the talking points...but for what the OP wants to do he can probably get away with it and won't care.

Some folks really like the quick engagement of the puck clutches...and the XTDs are a lot of quality and power for the price.

I would run Timken bearings though....but a lot of people get away with the cheap ones. Too little money to justify re-doing the job, even for me.
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I ran an ACT 6 Puck with an extreme pressure plate for over two years with no worries on 2.3 Prelude with lots of work, and a Zex kit, and had no issues, in fact I loved it. But I have no idea how that would transfer over to the miata world. The whole FWD/RWD weight transfer issue.
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FWIW, ive been using the XTD 6puck clutch. It only chatters when im not paying attention to shifting, but it works really well. No complaints. No slips.
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Unsprung disks are diff than sprung but overall a good driver can compensate for either if it saves me 200 or more dollars you bet your sweet *** i will buy the cheaper clutch and just use my mad driving skils to make it work.
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I <3 my act, it engages mid way, and has great feedback. Easy to drive in traffic etc. So far it hasn't let me down.
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