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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Originally Posted by magnamx-5 View Post
yeah i think so version 1.0 atlaest I made the steel to thin by the turbo area, and the heat and stress, made it give way.

Since then i made it abit beefier, i definatley notice a diference in how much exhaust sway i get with it on vs off.
Got more pics?
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I am more inclined to run the brace as a support arm under the turbo down to the block. Would that work with this obx mani?

bs - the majority of the pics I've seen of failures on these thin wall ss manis are not the welds but a tear of thin material from too much load. The tubes just are strong enough to manage the weight of the turbo assembly - which is usually the turbo AND and downpipe... and even an external wg with hanging dump pipe.
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I've been running the '****' manifold and downpipe for about 1k miles now. Make sure to use the stock brace that ties the stock downpipe to the tranny bellhousing bolts on the driver side. I just made the loop in the stock brace about 2" longer so it would fit around my 2.5" '****' downpipe that came with my manifold. VIOLA. No cracks yet. And I'm hard on it!! Check the link in my sig. While these ebay SS manifolds arent as bulletproof as the cast and thickwall SS ones, many of the people on here that say they suck, have never even tried them FWIW
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Originally Posted by CleanableBat View Post
I agree that manifold is JUNK! I wonder if anyone actually uses these things, whoever would pay even 100 for this thin walled easily crackable manifold is asking for it and hasnt done their homework. Spend 400 for a nice log manifold and be done with it, do it right.
Yes, I have one. What can I say, I paid $350 total for the manifold/dp and a freshly rebuilt T25/28 off ebay. The manifold/dp was **** and didn't even fit together correctly. After a little work it is working fine. It will probably break again sometime but I couldn't beat the price. If you have a mig welder it is an easy fix. I didn't even pull the manifold the last time I had a crack, I just welded it on the car.
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