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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Originally Posted by 18psi View Post
the thing is though, it's all relative and depends entirely on your goals and plans, and you can formulate those based on a lot of research and looking at what others have done.

if you did research, great.

You ask how to build an engine, pat will say rods only, others will say if you're in there its crazy not to do pistons, others will say pump and damper is mandatory, and so on and so forth.

Then there comes the budget question: some are poor/broke, and want to just hit their power goal for absolutely the lowest price possible. Others see the benefit of quality parts and don't want to replace them later, and get the best. Others yet are somewhere in the middle.
Yeah if you got the budget throw some good pistons in there too. Especially if you don't run E85, or think you'll push past 300whp. I run rods/pistons/ACL bearings/ARP main/ARP head studs/damper on my current motor and it's been reliable. It sees all the boost, all the RPMs, probably more than anybody here. If you're just plain cheap than like V said, rods only and low comp 1.8 pistons can do 300whp on pump gas, many have done it. I've broke them in half, (on two separate engines), around 350whp on pump gas.
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Originally Posted by 18psi View Post
try again

TPS & Map trace?
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Originally Posted by nashvill View Post
MiataMan00 keep the thread updated with your choices.
I am in the same boat with you(1.8 VVT engine thou). I have messing around with Z-engineering supercharger(total s##t) bought used- never again. I did buy a new(56kmiles) engine and 6spd yesterday for build. I have MS3 and RX8 injectors already (will keep those for the new build). Also doing the research to take the right path.
I will limit myself at the moment with the injectors(will keep the RX8 ones). As I am tracking my car, looks like its safer to get the new rods.
My car is a VVT 1.8 also. I already have 640cc flow force injectors, MS Labs MS3, Can box, GM IAT sensor, and innovate wideband. My car came with a 6spd and a lsd.
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Originally Posted by ryansmoneypit View Post
Wants to build a 3-5 thousand dollar turbo/ engine combo. Doesn't want to spend 400 on injectors that could possibly save the engines life.
How smart does that sound when you read that out loud?
Even worse is that you can put a set of gt500 injectors together for less than RX-8s and less than $200.
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Originally Posted by MiataMan00 View Post
My car is a VVT 1.8 also. I already have 640cc flow force injectors, MS Labs MS3, Can box, GM IAT sensor, and innovate wideband. My car came with a 6spd and a lsd.
Thus the injectors i have same setup waiting on the car. Also have 6spd+lsd. Just went for fresher metal as old Engine and box have seen enough abuse already+ they are not too expensive.
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Originally Posted by Savington View Post
I might be biased, but here's how I see it:

$1700 + cost of high-quality oil/water lines ($290 from FM) + cost of Inconel studs ($99 for ours, FM's kit is incomplete) + cost of EBC valve (~$50) + cost of OEM-quality bypass valve ($150 from FM) + fittings to install said bypass valve ($??) + turbo inlet/outlet adapters (~$100) + likely boost creep at low power levels unless you spend time/money porting the wastegate (and there's still no guarantee it won't creep) = ~$2400, lots more assembly and fiddling, and less ultimate potential without another turbo upgrade later on...


$3100, which includes the Inconel studs, the high-quality oil/coolant lines, the Inconel studs, the EBC valve, the OEM-quality bypass valve that's already installed, no need for turbo adapters, no boost creep, at all, ever, plus better response, more power, and room to grow easily to your max power goal of 300whp (and an upgrade path to 400+whp should you want that later).

Our stuff is admittedly more expensive. It's more expensive because it's better, IMO.

THIS. I read a lot and decided this was the best route after some very good advice from people who know their ****.
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