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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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Default Intro and Guess the turbo game!

Hey there turbo roadstars! I am SoulShott and a few months ago i aquired a 94 Miata 1.8l with a slew of mods with 98k miles. This deal also came with a turbo. I believe a chinacharger. Heh. I like to go fast and i like to go sideways and i like to go choo choo and make turbo noises! BUT My miata does not make those noises or go fast :( Just slow and sideways.

SO here soon i will be starting a turbo build. My budget has not been determined yet, although definately fleabay budget style

To start it off, i have decited (smartfully so from all of the reading i do here) to find an MSPNP and some larger injectors and start tuning, i do know that my 1.8 injectors will be good for about 6-7 boost but im wanting to realistically run about 10 and looking to do it safely. At least thats the plan.... I already have a turbo, maybe its usable, maybe not. I will let you guys be the judge from my pictures, although it did just come from outside where it was raining, although very minimal rain got on the turbo. I plan on doing a rebuild regardless, but only if the turbo will be usable. I also already have an Innovative A/F Wideband installed, so that is hopefully 2 pieces to the puzzle already sorted. Ill be going fleabay manifold and intercooler, maybe. Dont know yet as i havnt purchased anything yet! This is my third car, so im not relying on its workability/drivability, Basically my goal is to have a snail attached to my engine making it go choo cho.

Are there any tips specifically for 1.8's that you guys have? I have searched and searched for 1.8 turbo builds etc. but i can never really find much specific information as i see a TON of 1.6 builds that are saying....yeah....just get a 1.8, well i have a 1.8 and i dont understand

I do understand how a turbo works, at least i would like to think i do. We will see when it gets to that point. However, I have read through all the stickies and generic turbo build posts and have found very little 'specific' information regarding products that work great, and products that are overpriced or even products that fit well without or with very minimal alteration, i dont have access to my own welder or anything like that, so that sort of application for me is limited.

Its awesome to be a part of the community and hopefully I can get some great guidance on where to go with the build and with this turbo.

Sidenote: I have a welded diff that was welded by the previous owner, its fun, but will that cause lots of problems with the build? I know that some open diffs have issues keeping power to the ground, i assume it would be worse for me? Should i look at possibly getting a torsen lsd? Although hopefully i could outsource that as it does cost a pretty penny to aquire through most places.

Finally what you guys have been waiting for. The guess the turbo game!
Here is the turbo i aquired. Can you identify it? Would it be 'okay' to run in a turbo setup after being rebuilt?

I appreciate any and all feedback and tips! You guys are awesome.

Turbo says
M12 on the inner part and on the out part it says A/R.50
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turbo doesnt have a wastegate, if you are going the cheap route, you can get a tacotaco 1.8L ebay cast manifold, which has an external wategate fitting, but then you will need to buy an EWG and weld up or have some one weld up a complicated custom downpipe, 2.5" pipe from turbo to exhaust and another smaller pipe from EWG to end of downpipe.

if you want to go the easy route, get FM manifold/DP combo from FM for $749 and a smallish T25 ebay turbo ~$200 or a used sr20det s13 s14 turbo.

intercooler and piping you can get on ebay.

i recommend FlowForce ev14 injectors $299. they are great.
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Originally Posted by SoulShott View Post
i like to go sideways
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Turbo is useless. Turd flange.

You wont find a detailed list, of exactly what parts to buy. Everyone has their own opinion.

Spend a few months reading a few builds. read them start to finish. You will see what problems were encountered, what worked, and subsequently what to buy. your pretty late in the game to get something on the road this year, if you are going DIY. Too much to learn, too much stuff to buy. Go find my build if you want to see the snowball effect of a DIY project.

For your budget, you might want to look to the MK turbo kit.
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