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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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The MS is the only option. Bandaids are FTL.
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Now I'm kinda frustrated. I was really wanting to "get the show on the road" in a literal sense. I guess what's best is best. I'm going to keep reading everything I find about MS and get ready for the purchase and/or attempted build.

I just figure it'll be easier to troubleshoot a car w/ 1 "aid" instead of 6 "bandaids". Not to mention having 1 instead of multiple cuts down on clutter.

Anyone want an EMB w/ boost sensor?
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Originally Posted by Turbo_4 View Post
Honestly, for me, it will probably be like my srt. When I first got it, I used a bunch of cheap/bandaid parts but after getting too advanced for that setup...I finally invested in a real management system.
hah, same here.

I think the love of bandaids comes from the love of not spending all your money at once. For the budget minded, spending 100 here, and/or 100 there for several pieces of band aids isn't too bad. It does suck, however, when you price out all the bandaids you've recieved (msd, fpr, o2 clamp, narrowband o2 if you have it) and you are at ~ $300-400?

When a new pre-build brain megasquirt = ~$400 or you can build one for ~$250

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