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DIY Turbo Discussion greddy on a 1.8? homebrew kit?

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She's cheating on you.

Nice turbo.
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Originally Posted by Diablovt750 View Post
My turbo kit that my girlfriend bought me for out 5 year anniversary! (Is'nt she awesome?) Just put it on this weekend. The turbo is a .50 trim with a .36 back boosting at 6psi. Turbo spool starts at around 2800 rpm's, The kit that I put together consists of:

AiResearch Turbo - $550
Cast Mani - $120
Tial Wastegate w/ 6 psi spring - $230
SS Oil lines - $35
OBX 10:1 FMU - $35
Intercooler - $40
Piping kit and couplers - $100
Misc. Bolts and fitting - $100
Shipping and Handling Charges - $100
Grand Total - $1435


All the flanges I made myself in the shop that I work in and I had my own welder to make my downpipe and the weld everything up!

Alum Radiator, Plate for above the radiator to fill the gap, brake fluid change, megasquirt and wideband 02 get added when I get my income tax check!

What do you guys think for my first build?
3000 dollars from BEGI gets you a dyno proven, *** kicking, stock looking 100% complete turbo kit (with heat shields, lines, fitting ect..). I made a comment about Bell's pricing when i first got into these cars, then bought one of there complete kits second hand. After installing it, and driving the **** out of it, you'll know why there stuff costs a little more....you get what you pay for with them....just my

Back the topic at hand! Nice starter kit! Crank the boost and have fun making some mustang owners cry!
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I like all the hate hes getting on M.net
Those guys are ******* ********

Originally Posted by "Fuckface" CRXican
props for DIY, but it's gonna blow
Im glad someone banned that little **** from here

Originally Posted by Chris himself
BOV dump to atmosphere is kinda ricey. Recirculate that crap man
Originally Posted by 31337
The vast majority of turbo aftermarket turbo setups have their BOVs vented to atmo. The only reason why the OP should have it recirculated is because he is running an AFM, NOT because it is "ricey".
*off to order a cool breeze air scoop and adhesive wood paneling dash kit*
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