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Default 1/8mi Runs

Did a few passes, hot-lapping and just having a bit of fun for about 30min.

Got there, pulled right up to the lights, did a small burnout to get the water off the tires. Had a green and black Civic pull in the next lane. I didn't bring the revs up, just left like normal.

Miata Honda
.879 Reaction .613
74.13 MPH 70.20
10.130 ET 10.026
Me Loser

Pulled back in line, nowhere there. I do small burnout again, raised revs to about 1500.

1.008 Reaction
74.63 MPH
9.751 ET

Got back in line, had a guy in a black 99-04 Stang GT with chrome 5-spoke Cobra wheels, asked me if I wanted to run. I said sure, he asked if I had nitrous, I said no, just a turbo. He does a long burnout, I do small burnout again. I rev to about 2k rpm, slight spin on the launch.

Mustang Miata
.988 Reaction .599
73.77 MPH 73.40
9.993 ET 10.001
Me Winner

Got in line again, had a guy ask if I wanted to run a Civic. I said yes. Did a small burnout, raised revs to about 2.5k rpm. Spun a bit out of the hole, but still pulled ahead. Gotta love RWD.

Civic Miata
.840 Reaction .997
73.65 MPH 74.01
9.851 ET 9.601
Me Winner

Back to the line, didn't run anyone. Revved to 2k rpm, little bit of spin on launch.

.899 Reaction
73.52 MPH
10.229 ET

Noticed something funny on all the runs....only heard the BOV on the shift to 3d. Did a test run on the way home, only making 6psi in 1st and 2d due to a BOV leak. Tightened it back down and now runs 9psi in all gears.
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no bad for a stockish greddy good trap speeds
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