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Default How to reset Emanage/Autotune? Huge exhuast leak =running rich,how to fix it?

Alright MiataTurbo, I could really use some help here. Recently my 1996 Miata (with a DIY turbo set-up) developed a major exhuast leak while driving. The bolts backed off the turbo so it was basically resting on the studs causing a huge exhaust leak.

My car is running on Emanage with Autotune installed, after the exhuast leak the car began to run filthy rich all the time, solid 10's on my A/F ratio gauge constantly. My guess was the cars O2 sensors were reading lean due to the extreme exhuast leak so the autotune compensated and dumped fuel into the car, The exhuast leak has been fixed and the car continues to run super rich. I figured after some driving with the exhuast leak fixed the computer would go back to the way it was before, but it has stayed the same in its run rich state.

Is there a way to reset the Emanage/autotune to the settings they were before the exhuast leak, or is a whole Re-tune needed? If anyone thinks my idea on whats making the car run bad is wrong please speak up now....

I also do not have the software for the Emanage itself if someone could help me out and let me know where to find it, that would be great.

I am tempted to rip all this Emanage junk out, and bite the bullet and go get megasquirt. Opinions on that?

Thanks for the much needed help.
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Do you have the Emanage Blue or the Ultimate?
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