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Default Stock 1.8L Engine Strength Torque Limits

I am getting tuned on Tuesday, and I'm trying to figure out what the safe limits are to push my engine to.

Sorry if this is in the wrong location, it seems more appropriate in the tuning subforum than in the built engine subforum. I won't take offense if it gets moved.

Specs that matter:
- Entirely stock MSM engine, all stock internals, has never been cracked open, 73,000 miles on it.
- Hydra 2.7
- FM2 w/ 2560
- 700cc injectors
- DW200 fuel pump
- DIY LS2 ignition (thanks to this forum) full sequential
- Ebay 27x5.5x2.5 intercooler (that seems to be a bit more restrictive than I would like)

I know that the 'safe' limits using power as the only metric is somewhere between 250whp and 270whp. However, I am curious about how much I can push low end torque, if there is a torque limit that change from low to high, and if there is an amount of torque that is safe on the dyno, but decidedly not safe to run at for extended periods.

I basically don't want to call a halt to the tuning out of ignorance and leave a bunch of power / area under the curve on the table that I could have safely gone after.

I'm not interested in:
- suggestions that repeat the same peak hp numbers that I already know
- suggestions that I build the engine before tuesday
- suggestions of power that depend on any hardware that I won't have installed before tuesday (nothing else is being installed)

The tuner will be targeting AFRs in the 11s, and there will be zero knock. My tuner tunes specifically for track cars that can remain knock free over a 20-30 minute session, so the tune will be a very safe tune, and not at all a 'ragged edge' tune. Again, I just don't want to leave free power on the table that I could have safely gone after.

The car is mostly my daily driver, that also sees track time a few days a year, and yes, I have solutions installed/modified for nearly all of the applicable list. I was working on that list well before I started turning up the power.
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First: Prepare your anus.

Second: There's an entire thread devoted to the stock power/torque limits of your Miata. Several pages of printable information. I wrote it.
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Ok, maybe my google searching was using terms that don't exist in the thread.

I'll go search for threads written by you and see if I can find it...


I believe this to be the thread referenced:
I can see why my google search results didn't land on it.

So perhaps a moderator can just merge this thread over to that one...

It sounds like I should target a ~230wtq limit, given that the dynapak I will be on reads a bit low vs a dynojet, and I want a further safety margin past that.

I assume that the lack of challenges to that 250wtq number in the thread over 3 years means that it is a pretty accepted number, so thanks for the pointer.

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