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Default BP Complete Engine Dimensions

Yeah, I searched and did some manual thread investigation. Didn't find what I was looking for, which is specifically Motor Specifications suitable for Software Analysis and Experimental (Virtual) Engine Iterations using specialized Motor Software.

The data is scattered everywhere or missing as far as I can tell. I'm hoping those with experience/knowledge of specifics can chime in an fill in the blanks.

I did have a lot of the more easily found data compiled in a Master BP 1.8L Motor (used as a base for modifications) but some ******* stole my laptop and that data is gone and has to be rediscovered. Since I have to start over I thought I may as well do it right this time.

I will attempt to find the data (Again!) and fill in some blanks but there is a lot I was unable to find before so asking for help from those who know.

Ideally everything would be complete enough that this could be a reference (sticky) for those who go the Software Route before actually engaging a real-world non-virtual and non-trivial$$ motor build.

Over the next few days (maybe weeks) I will set out the data I need, the data I have found (for peer review and correction if necessary) and I would expect anyone could use. I am using Motion Software's Dynomation5 but the actual program someone might use isn't (as) important as the Data itself which could be punched in to almost anything starting with some much less expensive Virtual Motor Software.

Note however that Simulations won't run with incomplete data points. Thus I'm asking for help with some of the more obscure values which have to be measured (eg Intake Runner Volume).

Also since there are variations in the Miata Motor (eg heads) I am hoping we can get data for all variants. So if you are going to add something, please be specific. I also have no problem getting data for well-established commercial variants such a a CNC Head Port from some known machine operation or motor builder. Will list them all as discovered.

People are invited and encouraged to post in this thread or PM me with info; I will update the following and it should then be useful as the Reference Post.

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***** BP6 1.6L (US/Canada 1990~1993) (UK ?) (JAPAN ?) (AUS/NZ ?) *****

***** BP8 1.8L (US/Canada 1994~2005) (UK ?) (JAPAN ?) (AUS/NZ ?) *****

Shortblock: Mazda 1.8L
No. Cylinders: 4
Bore: 3.270" / 83.06mm
Stroke: 3.350" / 85.09mm
Rod Length: 5.481" / 139.21mm
Rod Ratio: 1.636 / 1.636
Pin Offset: 0.000" / 0.00mm

Cylinder Head: 4-Valve, Pentroof, Stock Ports and Valves
Intake Valves/Port: 2
Intake Valve Diameter: 1.30" / 33mm
Exhaust Valves/Port: 2
Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1.027" / 28mm

[Note: Software Suggests 26mm Exhaust for 33mm Intake]

Data Request: If Anyone has Lift + Flow Data from Real-World Flow Bench Tests @ 1/2 inch increments 0.5" to 0.400 or 0.500 if available / 28" for Mazda OEM intake + exhaust cams; indicate Year

Intake Manifold Design: [A number of choices here; real Data is helpful though] Tuned Runner, Medium Length, Large Plenum

Flow Calculation:
Total Induction Airflow Rate: ? @ 1.50 inHg
Runner Length: ?
Beginning Area: ? in2 / mm2
Minimum Port Area Per Valve: ?
Average Taper Angle: ? Degrees

Forced Induction: [Note: You Insert Data for your specific unit; lists Garett,KKK + Mitsubishi Presets for Turbo & Other Presets for Supercharging. We don't need to enter these fields but for reference should you run your own simulation the fields required are: Size, Ratio, Boost Limit, Air Ratio, Intercooler Efficiency, Intercooler Pressure Drop]

Lobe Profile: ?
VVT Enable:
Intake Profile: ?
Exhaust Profile: ?
Gross Lobe Lift: [Intake / Exhaust]
Rocker Ratio: 1.00
Gross Valve Lift: ? [Intake / Exhaust]
Valve Lash: ? [Intake / Exhaust]
Net Valve Lift: [calculated from Above Values] [Intake / Exhaust]
Valve Duration @ 0.006: ? [Intake / Exhaust]
Centerline Angle: ? [Intake / Exhaust]
True Centerline: ? [Intake / Exhaust]
Cam Advance [+] /Retard [-]:
Lobe Centerline: ?
Valve Overlap: ?
Lifter Acelleration Rate: ?
High Speed Lobe Activation: [VVT] [Value is RPM]

Valve Events: [IVO, IVC, EVO, EVC; Where IVO = Intake Valve Opens, etc]
Seat-to-Seat Event Timing: ? ? ? ?
720-Based Event Timing: ? ? ? ?
0.50" Event Timing: ? ? ? ?
Total Timing [Adv/Ret and Rocker Ratio] ? ? ? ?

Compression Ratio: ?
Combustion Space: ?
Cylinder Volume: ?
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Air/Fuel Ratio: 12.50
Nitrous Augmentation: [Value Not Needed for this Spec List]
Equivalence Ratio: 1.18 [Calculated Value]
Combustion Chamber Design: Wedge, Closed
Chamber Timing Requirements: 23.0 Degrees
Basic Ignition Timing @ Crank Degrees: ? BTDC
Timing Advance [Mechanical] Per 1000 RPM: ?
Until: ? RPM

[TEMP NOTE: This is going to take some time to set up the data points; above will be headers and fleshed out over the next few days. Some of the above will be calculated once certain values are entered.]

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