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Old 07-14-2011, 01:28 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by TurboTim View Post
This is your turbo. you hit 400, right?
Maybe one day I will hit 400hp. I just need E85, bigger intercooler, and MOAR BOOST.

Like I said I think a perfect setup with the right sized GT2871R could hit 400hp. I don't know if the one he has will or not.
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You probably have a .64hsg, not the .63. You need the .86, though.

Ditch the ATI damper for a budget build. You need ARP main studs too. I use OEM Mazda gaskets, especially the OEM MLS head gasket which is awesome.

For a budget build, ditch ALL of the valvetrain parts. I am making my current ~350whp on a totally stock valvetrain/cams/head. 400whp on stock cams should not be hard at all with a good manifold, .86a/r 2871, intake manifold, and a good tune. Valvetrain will add $1k to the build and not make you any more power.

Check my sig for a link to our in-house longblock. It's pretty much exactly what you want.
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That long motor is a good price Sav. I don't think the freight to Aus would make it viable though. Anyway I enjoy doing this sort of stuff myself, I sit in front of a computer poking at solidworks all day so it is therapeutic for me to come home and build engines on my kitchen table Oh and I have got ARP mains on the list too, just didn't put that up in my first post because that is one of the non optional parts of the build along with good bearings.

As I said there was another member on this forum making 398whp even on the same dyno that I use, a dynapack hub dyno, but that was with water injection. I think he was making about 370odd without and that was on exactly the same turbo as me even the small rear.

That said I am realistically looking for 350whp with good response and reliability. I know I could squeeze a bit more if I wanted, and I would like to leave that option open with the engine itself, but response is my aim atm.

Is there any worthwhile difference in the street/strip BE pump vs the racer or is it really negligible? From what I can gather they are the same gears, just the pump galleries have been cleaned up/machined out?
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hi Tim,

Justin here

have just sold my subaru rally car and have just bought a cheap na6 to go rallying. its a turbo but its a doof doof kit with more bling than Noosa. So i can see going us down the autronic, megasquite adaptatronic route

I was wondering would you mind sending me some photos of your cage as I will be doing the same. A

did you go through to the front and rear towers, and if so did you add anything to the rear tower to get more shock stroke ala group 4 escort

if its too hard i understand

if you could pm me you email address that would be awesome

Am in Scarborough BTW

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