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Default Better Cooling

I have NA with AVO Turbo kit installed by previous owners.

it works great - but during hard driving TEMP gauge climbs to 3/4 of the scale and sometimes even a tad more.

I didn't understood whether it's normal - what do you say?

Today i spotted the gauge at MAX.

When i stopped i saw a lot of steam and discovered that radiator and it's external reservoir are empty.
About 1 gallon of water went into the radiator

Since i didn't and don't see any water leaks - i guess that water evaporated due the fact that cooling system isn't sufficient am I right or there might be other reasons?

Since I see that my radiator is bigger than stock I guess its already an improved version.
It has 2 fans - but no "2 fans" mod yet.
What other cooling improvements are suggested?

thx in advace,
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First you need to determine for sure if there are any leaks in the system. After that, this is what I did for improved cooling: changed thermostat to a 180* Stant Superstat, installed an FM race radiator (but any larger aluminum radiator will do), added more foam seal around radiator, installed an OEM front lip spoiler, kept the bellypan intact on the car, flushed the cooling system and refilled with 25% Zerex G05 and 75% distilled water, and a bottle of Water Wetter. I changed the oil filter to one off a Mazda Millenium since it is much larger than the tiny Miata filter, and I am running M1 10w30. That way, the oil capacity is increased by a little, which is slightly helpful for cooling. Make sure your belts are in good working condition. That's about it. Beyond that you'd have to get a remote oil cooler.
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The above suggestions are dead on.

You also need to do the parallel fan mod at the ECU. This turns on BOTH fans when only one would turn on.
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