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Default drivetrain issue please help

ok well about a week ago i was driving my car and when accelerating out of a parking lotin first gear it started to act like it was slipping so i shifted into second gear it grabbed started to go then it started to slip again so i pushed in the clutch put it in neutral when i put it in neutrel something started potting like a metal clanging on metal noise then as i was slowing down to stop something locked up and i kinda got jolted to a stop. well i gopt it towed home and was thinking it had to be a half shaft and it turns out that isnt the problem. so i still have the problem. im thinking it might be the drive shaft . here is what happens. when i put it in first it seems like it is binding and i have to try hard to accelerate then it lunges forward then it starts to slip like something is clanging around. it sounds like metal on metal and it sounds like it is directly under me when in the driver seat if i put it in neutral it clunks around a bit till it findsa a soft clunk then just grinds while im wife watched me drive it back into our parking lot yesterday and she said every time it clunked while i was in gear the back of the car bounced up just a bit. any ideas of what to check. danm boost i think thats what might have caused it.
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Sounds like the diff since it's making the noise in gear and neutral, and while rolling. Have you looked? You can at least put the car up on stands, in neutral and rotate the drive shaft while you're laying underneath it and listen. If there's nothing jamming it, you might get to hear metal pieces rolling around.
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Definately sounds like ur diff man :(
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