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nice fugures guys
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I think Brainy and I and maybe newbsauce are gonna try to set up a real deal TUNING dyno day in northern va. I'm shocked how well the hydra autotuned on the dyno. First run was ugly AFR ranging from 11 to 13. second was within a few tenths of my AF targets. It's solid. There's a couple loading dynos out here that would make short work of a fuel map and timing map shortly thereafter.


graphs are in the NE dyno sticky thread
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Originally Posted by supersaiyan93 View Post
Well, fairly succeeded. My dyno operator wasn't quite familiar with the Emanage/Autotune setup, but he picked it up quickly.

I got 185whp and 191 ft/lbs at around 10 psi. Unfortunately, my boost trails off big time after about 4500 rpm, and i end up with an early spike to 12 and then a drop to about 9 for the rest of the run. I drove two hours to this shop because i trust their reputation. My drive up used a half tank of gas. My drive back used only a quarter tank. I was running 11:1 AFR's pretty much everywhere before. My baseline run only netted me 134whp. lol. Everything seems better now. I just need some bigger injectors, and a helper spring for my greddy wastegate, and I'll be golden.

BTW, since I think I'm the only one here who ran a Dyno Dynamics run this weekend, DD dynos typically show values 13-15% lower than DynoJet dynos, so with that in mind, my adjusted totals are 213 whp and 219 tq.

That's close enough for me, and i have room for improvement.
My boost was doing that until I added a helper spring and then ran the line from the actuator to the back of the intake manifold and plugged the line coming from the side of the compressor. Reading boost and adjusting from the back of the manifold keeps the wastegate closed until all the line losses are compensated for. Might be 20psi at the compressor when I have 16 at the manifold, but who cares?
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Originally Posted by that7guy View Post
Car: 1990 Miata
Engine: 1.6L T
Turbo: Upgraded Greddy
Boost: 7PSI
Power at the wheels: 150ish
dyno: Dynojet
hope: The clutch holds for at least one run
Boost: Nothing
Power at the wheels: tad more then stock
Hopes and dreams: crushed

to do: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CLUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by TurboTim View Post
This is what we hope to see, right?

Car: 92 Miata
Engine: 1.8L BP
Turbo: (2) GT1544, tubular mani, internal gates
Boost: 14psi
Power at the wheels: 240rwhp 230ftlbs
Dyno: Dynojet
Hope: 265rwhp 250ft-lbs

Boost: 12psi
Power: 230hp, 206torque uncorrected
Boost: 13psi
Power: 239hp, 216torque uncorrected

Didn't learn: why for the 2nd year in a row my car makes 2psi less on the dyon than on the street. WTF?

Learned: 2 sizes up in turbo is probably too much. one size larger may be jjjuuusssttt right.
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