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Default Electrical Issue (batt/alt or?)

I'm not quite sure of what the problem originates from, as I have yet to really test anything (waiting till tomorrow/friday) but I figured I'de run the symptoms by you guys to get pointed in the right direction.


Driving down the road, if I turn on a signal the radio will sometimes stop, as if power was lost, and turn on again.

If I am driving, occasionally if I smack the horn button, all power is lost for a moment, meaning I see the rpms drop to zero, lights flash like on a restart, and then (prolly cuz im doing 30+ in gear) it kicks everything back on. I can usually repeat and get simlar results (ie: just radio losing power, or whole car)

Twice now, I have gone out to my car, and gotten ready to drive off, key in ignition, turned....and nothing. No clicks, no nothing. I turn the key all the way again and listen, but nothing. I leave the key in turned for auz power...and nothing comes on. Suddenly, the "door open" sound cuts on for two seconds and dies again (had the door open when key was first turned, and still is open) So, I push it down the little hill I have and clutch-drop it start and ride on.

I have noticed that if I unplug my phone charger before I stop the car, it seems to start 100% no problem. But, it still does the moving-power loss if I hit the horn, or signal, or even turn headlights on for a second.

I originally blamed it on the phone charger takin all my juice while the car was parked. But now it does it wether or not the charger is or has been in.

I'm thinking battery or alternator.
Leaning more to the battery, do to the lack of a "whine" when the car has started previously, and up to the non-starting period. I'm thinking maybe it just cant charge much anymore, and anything power-taxing sucks up all the love.

I know I can find this answer on any site, or my manual, but just to give me something helpful to read in the morning, How would I test the two?

Thanks *dons the flame suit*
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try the alternator first, i was having similar problems in my miata due to shitty alternator belts. Then again my girlfriend's 300zx was having similar problems also and she had corroded through the positive terminal lead, so check all of your leads and your alternator/alternator belt first. Use a voltmeter to check the power coming out of the alternator, and a visual check of the belt. My belt was hardened into a trianlge shape and wouldn't spin.
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Sounds like a ground issue, or some other bad connection somewhere. Clean the posts and terminals on your battery really well and see if that helps.
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Ignition fusible link under the hood? Its the green 40A.
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