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Default LC-2 wiring gauge thickness?

So I wired in my lc2 today and the readings are all over the place. At idle it bounces from 9.2-11.1 AFR. I wired it using cheap 22 gauge wire that i had laying around. The DB gauge and controller are grounded to the bolt in between the valve cover and the throttle body (i think this is where the ecu is grounded?), the controller signal is wired to the existing o2 sensor wire for the narrowband, and the 12v power for both the controller and the DB gauge is coming from the power window switch. I did a free air calibration and it did not help at all.

My question is, is 22 gauge wire too small to be used for long connections, i.e. controller all the way to the TB? or did I wire it incorrectly.

BTW this is on a completely stock 2000 with the stock ecu.

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I prefer to run at least 18 gauge wire and always solder it for a clean connection
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22awg is signal wire, certainly not meant to carry any significant amperage over any distance. I typically use 14awg wire for installing stuff like widebands. I always crimp, never solder.
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22 gauge is probably a bit small for the heater current (typically fused at 5 amps), but I don't think that's the cause of your noise.

The noise is probably coming from wacky grounding. This is made worse by the fact that the LC-2 grounds the heater and the signal through the same wires. To make it usable with my MS3, I needed to get Reverant's serial-to-CAN wideband signal converter so that I could feed a digital wideband reading instead of the analog one.

Electrons aren't my strong point, but if you're just using a gauge and not hooking it up to the ECU then I think you're probably best grounding everything wideband-related in the same place.

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Does it smooth out under load/rpm?
My completely stock 2000 with stock ecu with stock narrow band in place did this with my AEM UGEO (seperate bung.) I took a terrible video on my blackberry several years ago when this happened, if I can find it I'll post it up. My AFRs smoothed out and were completely stable once it transitioned to open loop. In closed loop it always bounced like that, no one could ever tell me why
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how about used the supplied (8 or 3') wiring and don't add/subtract from it?
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