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Originally Posted by JasonC SBB View Post
So Ian's 23 psi (?) of lag feels like a 930 which runs 10 psi. That's progress.

So did he drive with ALLofit?
IIRC, he did one lap at "MOAR" and one at "ALLOFIT". At that track day, 'ALLOFIT" was around 19-20 psi.

And no, my car doesn't feel like a 930 as far as lag is concerned. Or at least, if it does, I dunno what the big deal is and what the "widow maker" tag was for.

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Originally Posted by BMWidmer View Post
I think it has to do with the fact that the exocet does not have full panels like the catfish so it feels faster. The curb weight posted on excomotive's site is 1400-1700 lbs depending on configuration and on bauers site it says 1550 for their sema car but not sure of the exact config for that car.
FM owns a Catfish and an Exocet with almost identical spec. There's a 200 lb difference IIRC. I don't think we ever weighed the bare Catfish chassis, but there are aluminum panels under the body as well as the 'glass over top. There's something about the Exocet that encourages you to simply drive it like a lunatic, the Catfish makes you want to be smoooooth.

The article is not going in to print. They'd have to do a special newsstand edition to fit it in! Pity, but it's great publicity for the event and for our community regardless. If it were a print article, it would have been cut down and there's no way all the cars and photos would have made the cut.

The K Miata info has been corrected from the looks of it. A few of the errors in the article were fairly minor, but that one was pretty fundamental. Luckily, online lets us fix it!
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You guys are famous!
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The 5558 precision is about the same as a 3071 garrett, I have no issue with lag, but I don't drive it at 8/10ths either, and you do have to feed the gas pedal coming out of a corner like any high powered car it well break the back tires loose.
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