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Next to nothing = 2lbs. It adds up. I may try to find a 1.6 dash and just lay the skin in, but I don't intend on keeping the stock dash bar or the stock gauges. Might end up going custom.
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Fantastic comparison videos! The BOV goes from being louder than the exhaust to barely audible over the exhaust. Though loud as hell, it sounds like hell hath no fury in comparison. Great stuff.

Kudos for having the cajones to take it for a spin on the street. It makes me want to drop my midpipe right now and go for a spin. My wife asked me, 'so is it louder than yours?' LOL... I said you have no idea how much louder it is.

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"Cojones" is the word.
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One of these days when I get off my *** and activate my new credit card, i'll buy the stuff to do a 3"...catless for sure.. but I cannot decide if I want to do just a resonator or resonator + muffler.. or just muffler..... or just stick the 3" out the back completely
Mine is a daily though.
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Originally Posted by UrbanSoot View Post
you need to clean up those wires

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Yeah that part sucks. When I stripped my dash I never took the heater core out so I couldn't get the wires out from the harness that went behind it. There's a still a lot of weight to be had there, looks you're well on your way though.
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I really dont see the big deal with it being loud, a naturally aspirated miata with a straightpipe (spec miata setup) is louder than an open downpipe miata. That being said Im sure its still loud
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I remember exactly what my 99 sounded like with the 2554R and 2.5" center exit straight pipe. A glorious ripping canvas wail that sounded like a bit like a Ferrarri for some reason. Oh yeah, the spool was wack. My data logs showed anything above about 2500rpm it would make 10psi from like 40kpa as fast as I could move my foot.

Word of advice, the breeze exiting that sucker gets rather warm. 1450° pretty much unabated. Anything within about 18" of that tip that is not metal will catch fire, melt or sustain some degree of charcoalation. Ask me how I know. I'd suggest putting some insulation on the underbody or relocating the turnodown aft of the diff.

FWIW, I'm getting a custom 1.75 primary header made for the Rotrex install. Should bark.
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Originally Posted by crashnscar View Post

holy **** you're my hero

If I didn't want to keep the heater core for defrost purposes I'd be all over this.
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That's pretty nice. I like the shiny tip, too.
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ya i thought it was going to be louder but i guess its hard to tell from a sound bite
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