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Originally Posted by mgeoffriau View Post
If I did a 14.5" it'd be with a pinned flash hider to bring it back to the legal minimum. If I get a stamp it's going to be for a suppressor, not an SBR.
Good plan! I'm thinking really hard about a suppressor for the A1 I've got.. The stamp isn't a big deal, its the $500 my local III dealer wants for the can that really sucks!

Originally Posted by jacob300zx View Post
I don't have anything super cool, but I do like guns. I mainly go for cheap guns that are good shooters and spend the extra cash on ammo and range time.

So top to bottom

Mosin Nagant 91/30's
Marlin 60SS
Hi-point 995ts
Remington 870 Express Super Magnum
Now we're talkin, this is what I wanted to see! Like everything I see in that picture.

Can you give me a quick review of that 995ts? Any compelling reason you'd buy it again over say a Keltec Sub2000? I finger both at every show or shop I wonder into but I've never fired either. Seems from my fondling they're both very well built guns, but have to say use of Glock magazines in the 2000 is pulling me away from the Hi-point.

Ohh... okay. Don't burn me too bad:

1936 Mosin Nagant M91/30
ATI stock
Mojo Microclick front/rear Peeps

Shoots awesome groups with terrible ammo, a trigger pull gets everyones attention, and really fun to shoot. Picked up mine at a show shortly after firing my friends. Wanted a larger caliber plinker that would actually be useful in other situations (deer?) so I couldn't pass it up. The wooden stock had so much cosmoline slopped all over it even after repeated cleanings I opted for the terrible reviewed ATI "drop in" stock which was far from drop in. Quality of the ATI stocks seem to be improved but still need a lot of reworking to get real fitment. 95% of the reworking was to allow magazine feeding to work...
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Everything I have read about hi-points 9mm carbine and pistol were great. The thing that sold me was the lifetime any owner warranty. Guys claiming they found broken ones at garage sales and shipped them back free of charge for repair. I also really don't like the mag issue either but I ordered two more mags and the stock clips for them. So when I'm carrying the gun it has 30 rounds on it. If I owned a glock 9mm I probably would have gone the other route so I could carry one kind of ammo/clip in case of an emergency. I just got those clips in today, waiting on my GPS02 grip bipod before I take it to the range. I'll report back once fired.
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