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Originally Posted by StankCheeze View Post
There are two kinds of people in the military today.

#1: Got reeled in by a recruiter with the promise of free college, money, whatever their recruiter promised. Got called up to go to Iraq and pissed and bitched and tried to get out of it. Bitched the entire time they were deployed and did the bare minimum to avoid a court martial, then came home and expected a "hero's welcome".

#2: Found a recruiter instead of a recruiter finding them. Got called up to go to Iraq and knew it was bullshit, but realized that the recruitment benefits paid to them were due to the risk incurred. Went overseas, did their job, came back. When asked about the war, they confirm it was terrible and don't try to sensationalize it.

One of my best friends is #2. He served with a lot of guys who were #1. He's currently in Kuwait on a civilian contracting job and goes to Iraq every so often to run cable. He said there are a lot more #1s there now than there were when he did his tour, so the forces must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel now.
#3 - Joined the military cause it was something they had been interested in most of their life. Got bored with garrison duty, even volunteered to goto Bosnia, but was refused due to "Mission Essential to Unit". Finally got to deploy for OEF and OIF, hated and loved every minute of it.

I am a #3. I still have the belief that the military should be out doing deployments or be in the rear training for the next rotation. I didn't like the idea of doing stupid **** in garrison while getting paid to be in the military. Our/their job is to conduct war, and I didn't like getting the training but never getting to actually do my job in combat.

I volunteered for OEF, and got picked cause I knew my ****, and my MOS was on the list. I didn't goto Afghanistan, but Cp. Doha, Kuwait, for 6 months. My unit was the escort unit for all the convoys from the port and the airport. I was the only Commo guy and also got picked as the Armourer. SUCKED BIG *****, never once got to leave the camp, and my sleep was in 1/2-1 hr increments between incoming and outgoing escorts. I had a guy come up to me in the PX and ask me who I got in a fight with, cause I had the biggest pair of black eyes he had ever seen. That was how big the bags under my eyes were...which happens when you don't get any sleep for a few months. But I still did my job, everyday. I even had 2 .50 cal MG fall on my foot, breaking 3 bones, and I never missed a day.
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