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Default DIY Oscilloscope

Found this and thought it may be interesting..and cheap:

DIY Oscilloscope is Awesomely Affordable | Gadget Lab |

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Great find. This has been added to the "super important" sticky in the Megasquirt forum.

A link directly to the product page: Digital Storage Oscilloscope (with Panels) [TOL106C3B] - $49.00 : Seeed Studio Depot, Arsenal for interaction engineering

And the same unit, in kit form, for $33: Digital Storage Oscilloscope DIY Kit (with Panels) [TOL107C3B] - $33.00 : Seeed Studio Depot, Arsenal for interaction engineering (Contains a large surface-mount IC. You'll need a fine-tipped iron, thin solder, and a steady hand, but I do these all the time with no particularly special equipment other than a good magnifier.)

While I'd strongly encourage everybody who is even thinking of touching their ECU to go out and buy one now (c'mon, it's only $33!) I will add a note- this is a single-channel scope. For some applications, it's necessary to have a two-chhanel scope, such as when comparing a trigger to an output, or to look at both channels of the CAS at the same time.

I've been planning to document a DIY scope that uses your PC's sound card as the input source (lo-rez, but also super-cheap, and 2 channel as well) however I keep getting called on the road. None the less, I'd strongly encourage anybody who has never used a scope before, and wants to play with the electronics on their car, to buy this one.
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Aww. You beat me to it. I was just about to post this up but I thought I better see if its already here.

I fail at getting new development out quickly... *sigh*
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That is a very cool little scope, however for an entry level commercial unit that is relatively inexpensive see below:

PicoScope 2000 Series entry level oscilloscopes from Pico
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i could use that!
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Old 06-01-2009, 04:16 PM   #6
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Here's a very affordable 2 channel scope:

Also sold under a different brand, but can't remember the name ....

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Oh, that's nice. I wish I'd noticed that when I purchased mine!

This is a pretty cool new device. $89 (they're sold out of the beta units already):

(Beta test)Micro digital storage oscilloscope-DSO nano [TOL111222] - $65.00 : Seeed Studio Depot, Arsenal for interaction engineering

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I've got to have me one!!

And here I've been thinking about buying a 2 channel Rigol...

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Default link bad

You can still get this but of course the price has gone up.
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