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Default Ebay buyer troubles, refund question

So, as some of you may have heard me rant about, I recently sold a set of BBS RAs on ebay. The ad stated:

Hi everyone. I have a set of BBS RAs for sale. I was told that they came off of an old school VW GTI (Mark II, if I am correct).

The specs are:

If you have any questions on the specs feel free to email me.

Now, about these rims; they're not in good condition. That being said, they're not in bad condition either. The rims are dirty and need new paint, but underneath the grime are in fairly good condition. One wheel has a small spot of curb rash, as you can see in the pictures. It's not bad at all. One of the rims, for whatever reason, is in good condition, well painted, and also slightly different spec. It's +33 offset, but apart from that is exactly the same as the others. I think it came off of a different car or was a replacement or something. Whatever the reason is, it's important that you know that.

The wheels will need to be cleaned thoroughly, scrubbed, sanded, scrubbed and cleaned some more, and painted. There's not really much more to say about what needs to be done, a good word is that they need to be restored. BUT, like I said, under the grime, dirt and crap from years of travel and then more years of sitting around, they are in good condition. These will be a full restoration project for whoever buys them - don't buy them expecting to have a set of wheels you can just spray, bolt on, and call it a day.

There are tires on these wheels, but the type and tread is negligible since they will all four need replacing. If these have to be shipped, I will rip the tires off to reduce shipping costs. If they are picked up locally, it's up to you what you want done about the tires.

Flat shipping rate of 75 dollars to anywhere in the US. You'll be hard pressed to beat that.

And that's all. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have regarding the item.
Item was listed as used with no returns accepted.

I recieved a couple of ebay messages asking questions about the item. Note the message:
Dear txxxxxx,

Hi, none of them are bent as far as I know. I haven't had them tested personally so I'm not going to guarantee it.

Three of the rims are the same offest. 1 is mismatched.

Yes I will take 225.

- axxxxxxx
Dear axxxxxxx,

Thank you,are any of them bent and the offsets 2 the same or 3 the same.Will you take $225.00

- txxxxxx

Anyways, the wheels were purchased on 7/19/10. They were shipped out on the 24th, and in the 5 days I offered updates, one when I got the tires trashed, and one when they were actually shipped out.

Fast forward a couple of days. Two days after they were delivered (I know through delivery confirmation, they were delivered on the 30th according to UPS) I get a message from the buyer saying that two of them were bent. I offered to refund him half or to pay to fix the bent wheels, whichever worked out cheaper. In the end it was cheaper to just refund half (He said the wheels would have been ~90 each to fix). I cheerfully offered to send him the money back as soon as I got some proof that they were actually bent.

This is where it stops. I keep getting messages from him saying "I'll get pictures on x day, my daughter said she'll take pictures, I'm trying to get my daughter to take pictures", that sort of thing. To this date (8-13-10) I have yet to receive any proof.

I got fed up with waiting, so I just told him he had 5 days to provide evidence or recall my offer to refund him. I also told him that the ebay ad was listed as no returns accepted so I didn't actually have to refund anything, but I'm just doing the right thing.

My question is, if after 5 days he does not provide proof (Exactly 1 month after they were purchased) would it be justified of me to retract my offer to refund the money? I'm tired of waiting and I need to know what to do with this money.

I asked here since we have some experienced ebayers.
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HOnestly I feel like your doing the right thing by offering the money. But 1. you did say no returns and two he hasn't provided any decent evidence....
I say [email protected]%k him!!! lol seriously you've more than bent over backwards for this guy....
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It's funny how easy it is to write an email and complain. If he doesn't care enough to take care of the issue within a month you're allowed to move on with your life and projects.

I'm not saying this guy is a scammer like the ones I've dealt with, but you'll notice that people looking for freebies only do what's easiest, don't ever offer proof, and don't actually wish to resolve any situation, but just be compensated somehow.

If he really wanted straight wheels he would have gotten more than one quote, and also would have admitted he was going to take this route, and just cover the other ~$35/wheel, since he took a chance, after being cautioned, buying wheels you couldn't guarantee as straight. Now he's making excuses and won't show any evidence of the wheels being bent. Heck, ask him for the quote on the straightening, and google to see if there's even a shop in his town that does that kind of work.

He may just be busy and come through, in which case you SHOULD ALWAYS do the right thing. But I've been scammed every which direction and experience is a tough teacher. I've had guys return shipping parts tell me they're shipping and ask for immediate payment and then tell me later (after refund) that they drove an hour to the closest UPS store and found out they weren't open on Saturday....only to google their address and find a UPS store in the shopping center in front of their apartment, whom I called and had confirm that their Sat hours were up until 2:30pm.

People are shady. As long as you're not being shady stand firm in your dealings, because the unscrupulous will take every inch you are willing to give. I would have wanted a matter like this resolved within a week, and then walked away.
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I always recommend sending correspondance through ebay's message center as opposed to email. If the other party wants to start a claim, ebay will be able to see each and every attempt by you to resolve the claim properly, as well as the buyers failure to do the same. If everything is sent through email, and then forwarded to ebay later, it's all just heresay.

If you are sending all of your correspondance through ebay, and the buyer is replying via email, simply copy/paste the email into the ebay message center as a reply to each message. If the buyer is trying to scam you, sending one or two messages like this will (in most cases) scare the scammer straight. I've had 2 problems through ebay, in one case, the scammer quickly stopped trying. In the other case, eBay reviewed the case and judged in my favor.
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Give him the benefit of the doubt...maybe he had something come up.
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Originally Posted by kenzo42 View Post
Give him the benefit of the doubt...maybe he had something come up.
I always do this...and it's ALWAYS bitten me in the ***.

Real people let you know when things come up, and take care of business. I'm very trusting, and very patient, and have seen a lot of crap from people. Sometimes things happen, but the non-scammers communicate somehow and come through. The people looking to rip you off never get back, and when they do it's always some sorry far-fetched excuse.
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Originally Posted by p51hellfire View Post
HOnestly I feel like your doing the right thing by offering the money. But 1. you did say no returns and two he hasn't provided any decent evidence....
I say [email protected]%k him!!! lol seriously you've more than bent over backwards for this guy....
Couldn't have said it any better.
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I had someone get a motherboard i sent him: "too late"

so he broke off some capacitors and sent it back...luckily i document my **** well, had before and after pics when he eventually tried to file a claim and lost.

tried all sorts of threatening crap and i didn't fall for. he gave me all sorts of crap from day one and in the end i still had my money and a broken MB.
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Time to move on, spend the money it's done. And in the unlikely event he comes back, you have yourself covered twice over with the desc/email saying you wern't guaranteeing they were straight, and the auction stating no refunds...

I think 1 month is way up there on the patience scale, even actual businesses have a limit as to how long you have to return things, his just expired
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