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Originally Posted by Fidgitk View Post
That motor must have been running in safe mode cause the one I put a gauge on boosts ~13lbs from 3K to 4K then drops back to 11lbs and holds it to redline.
The boost control system on that car is kinda goofy. It uses the wastegate and bypass valve to control boost.
If you hit the overboost protection it won't produce any boost at all, the bypass valve will open up and the car runs N/A until you restart it.
I don't know, we did a couple of runs with our boost reference at different locations, and did some research online. Even the tech sales sheet says it runs 6psi of boost. It also says that it can be turned up to 13lbs... The torque curve followed the boost exactly. It had a bunch of torque when it spiked in the beginning near five, and then rapidly declined with the boost. The only reason I can see them not putting more boost on it is that how do you justify selling a 6 cylinder when the 4 makes more power?
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Maybe the one I tested was a freak.
Did yall turn the traction control off when you dynoed it?

We messed around with a manual boost controller on ours and we were able to get it to run 16psi which tapered to 11psi at redline. The car was a completely different animal; a set of breathing mods on that car should make a huge difference.
Just messing around we ran the car with the factory boost controller bypased and it spiked 8psi and settle down to 3psi. I think it had to do with the factory bypass valve; it looks to be plumbed in a way to limit boost in conjunction with the wastegate.
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I was at a local SCCA Auto-X event last weekend and a shop had one out. Turn In Concepts was the shop, someone said Hyundai gave it to them...? No details on that but...

FTD was 38.147 set by the one bad *** driver with one bad *** corvette in ASP on race rubber of course, the Genesis Coupe 2.0T ran a best of 44.xx on street tires but I don't know WHO drove it or WHAT CLASS it was in because for some retarded reason they didn't put the info up in the results for about 20 people.

I witnessed this with my own eyes though. Car sounded stock, as in, there was no sound.... no engine or exhaust tone. The person driving FOR SURE knew what he was doing. It was impressive.

I went and popped the hood on one earlier this week at the dealership. The turbo is tiny, but they left a lot of room on the exhaust side to get crazy w/ your setup choice.

I spoke to the salesman again, for the second time on this subject and he did verify (well, "Verify" from a salesman doesn't always mean its true) that the HEAD from an EVO will swap right over and it basically becomes an Evo engine. He said the bottom ends are identical. I heard that rumor from my friend in Cleveland who is associated w/ Bushur Racing, but wanted to ask a dealer myself.

So, swap the turbo and head from an Evo and you have... a RWD Evo Coupe.
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There's also all sorts of other cars cheaper than a genesis coupe that can swallow an LSX or an EVO motor. BTW that's about as much power as a stock mazdaspeed miata makes which yes, kind of sucks.

Does anyone have any hard technical data on the engine e.g. compression ratio, oil squirters, valve timing technology etc?
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Walk into any Hyundai dealer and get the brochure. Or maybe IDK, haven't really investigated into that much.
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these are some nice cars and are well priced for the size
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