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Old 12-06-2008, 02:34 PM   #21
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I hesitate to even chuckle at the story, not the situation. Reason behind this is I've been broken down in a parking lot more times than I can imagine and I know how you feel. Stopped carrying tools after they got stolen once, but never put any in the miata.

One night 'out on the town' with a group of miatas driving like the retards we are, we stopped at a quiktrip to get some fuel/sodas. Here lately I've made an effort to not ever set the ebrake in fear it would stick even though it has never given me ANY troubles before. One of the rear calipers is pretty new (3 years) the other is original to the car. Set the parking brake by mistake without second thought, came out and found the drivers caliper was locked up. Figured this out attempting to back from my parking spot. Drove up the street a block to an empty place and stopped.

Of course, I had my daisy wheels on the car and not the big, open, thin spoke 17s.. Guess what I can't even SEE!? Brake caliper. Just so happens one of the friends with us had everything from a complete metric tool set to a floor jack. Up the car goes, off the wheel, I pressed on the ebrake lever with my finger mounted to the caliper and "CLICK!" Reinstall and off we go. Lubricated the holy crap out of it and haven't used it since.

Decided I might need some tools after that.
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elesjuan-adjust your e brake properly and it won't do that. You kinda need an e-brake with a manual transmission. It's a safety thing too.

And yeah, I hate broken ****. When I build this turbo setup, I'm doing it as good as I possibly can. It will look like it's going on an aircraft.
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Old 12-06-2008, 03:24 PM   #23
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one time I left a pair of scissors under the hood of my car, they fell into the powersteering belt and managed to ride the belt all the way down to cut off the crank position sensor while I was ordering my food at McDonalds. There was also an inch of snow on the ground and some hot chick in an Eclipse behind me.
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It was properly adjusted and has been working perfectly fine since I bought the car, never a problem... I've had several friends where the OE caliper locked up after having the brake set for a couple days, even had one where the cables seized up. Corrosion sucks.

I checked my brake after installing new rotors and pads last time, set it how the book says. My motor has good compression and I never park on hills anyway, so reverse or 1st works fine. Just made 100% sure my stupid remote starter was completely unhooked.
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