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He's looney because he says the government needs to uphold the Constitution, lock it's borders and be fiscally responsible. Compared to what has happened in the Bush,Clinton,Bush era, that IS looney.

We need a change. If we see another Clinton in the white house, think about that, 28 years of a Bush,Clinton presidency. Thats the closest thing we have to nobility. If we see another Clinton get ready for more globalization, open borders, jobs going oversees, foreign entities buying out our companies and infrastructures. If you think NAFTA helped with the declining dollar and flow of illegals, wait until you feel the effects of SAFTA.
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That kind of **** happens all the time in Canada.These ******* crooks(politicians)make up rules as they go along.
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Who's going to be worse, Hitlery or whoever the Reps push on us. Paul might have some out there ideas by today's standards, but in the long haul it's better than the ***** in/***** out system we have now.
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Seriously Hitlery? Thats your witty comment? Your ignorance is astounding.

As for Ron Paul being looney, getting rid of the Federal Reserve is insane. If you disagree with that You need to educate yourself some more. Its nice having someone remember that states right should exist, but his plans are great for the country 100-150 years ago, and are irrelevant at this time in our country.

Id like to start a poll based on education (and no your art history major doesnt count) to see where this lies.
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