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That video just makes me wonder why car manufactures didn't put out of gear rev limiters on cars sooner? A lot of cars come from the factory with no ability to rev the engine above like 3k to 4k rpm out of a gear or with the clutch depressed.. Wish more would do that.

Everytime I hear some ------ revving their rubber band piece of **** up I seriously hope and pray the motor comes apart in an explosion of glory. Sadly I never get my wish. :(

I miss the mid to late 1990s, you know, before that fast and faggish garbage came to the streets.

Speaking of the coffee can exhausts... I've always wanted to unload an entire can of this **** inside one of those mufflers...

turotufas is right; Those style mufflers belong two places..

1. The Junk yard.
2. Crotch Rockets.

A group of us were meeting up at QuikTrip to go for a drive on a friday night when this douche stick that I've seen before comes into the parking lot in his pile of garbage ford zx2.. Naturally, he has a fart can and feels the need to rev his automatic piece of **** as he drives across the parking lot. Someone started yelling **** across the parking lot at him that his **** was obviously fast, and he's too much for any of us but Naturally he continued to rev his rubber band until he left.

Anyway we ended up cruising out to the east of town and stopped in a Lowes parking lot to meet up with a few more people, low and behold guess who followed! This time he starts talking **** to one of the miata owners in our group how his Escort would beat any car we had to throw at him. Normally I'm a pretty passive person about this kind of **** but I'd had enough. Without hesitation I Challenged him to run the quickest car in the group for $5000.00, right here, right now. Would you believe he kept talking trash like his **** was fast? Did he accept the race? No. What ever happened to Put up, or Shut up?

People like that really need to die in a fire laden crash, trapped by his APC racing seats, harnesses, and fake roll cage.
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