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Originally Posted by cueball1 View Post
That's not the point of the Taurus though. It should be a nicely balanced affordable performance sedan if done right.
Affordable being the operative word. A Ford Taurus should not cost as much as a BMW 335i or a Mercedes C350, both of which will doubtless post faster laptimes, provide a tighter yet more comfortable ride, and do a better job of impressing women at the shallow end of the intellectual pool.

Light is getting nearly impossible to do now. How do you build a small lightweight car when a car has to have 42 air bags, integrated baby seats, electronic nannies controlling every movement and be able to hit a brick wall at 100mph and walk away.
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That's funny. I have a 95 SHO (last year of the 'fun' ones). Love the thing, but it's quite the money pit and not fun to work on. Even changing the spark plugs was a bitch.

I actually wanted to buy a miata & throw a SHO engine in it. With an old 87ish Aerostar manual bellhousing you could mount it up to a T-5 tranny( i think that's what it was).

Then I got my miata and decided that was waay to much work.

Still think it would be fun though. But if i was going to throw off the weight distribution like that, I might as well get an LS1 or something.
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The old SHO was a great car and the new one looks like a good performer too, but they aren't the same. They make power differently, the original came with a manual transmission, and then there is the weight factor. I like em both but I'd rather have a first gen. I wanted one as a first car but the maintenance costs scared me away, thats why most SHO owners have a driver and a parts car.
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I had 96 Garnett and Tan SHO with said Yamaha's 3.4L V8. That car was quick, and sold it and got a 2002 Lincoln LS with a V8. The LS has a sweet sounding motor and exhaust note, nice ride, nice appointments, and unfortunately, my example was a true POS. That was my last Ford product.
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