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Originally Posted by gospeed81 View Post
I have the hardest time getting my wife to understand this. I got so damn tired of laying there drinkin'...

No liability rocks.

Mexico's fun.

+1 million!

America ain't free! Too many laws, too much liability. 2nd world countries are a whole lot more fun as long as a little bribe can get you out of trouble.

I can lay by the pool, drink, read and check out the chippies for a while but I gotta get out and do stuff. Dive, snorkel, sight see, whatever.
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Originally Posted by Doppelgänger View Post
....and if you ever feel inclined to want something like these as a housecat, you can get a Bengal. I want one of these bad boys..

Only thing is, don't get a Bengal thinking that it's just a big housecat that looks badass. I've lived with 9 cats over the last 27 years and have gotten to know at least a dozen others very well in that time. Bengals are... different.

It depends on how many generations they are away from their wild ancestor (mine is either 3 or 4 generations away; if she had much more of a wild streak she'd be an especially difficult pet).

I've had my bengal, Sally, for almost 10 years now. In that time I've learned...
She can't just drink her water, she has to play in it splash it all over the floor.
She's talks non-stop. Most vocal cat I've ever encountered. It gets annoying at times.
They need constant attention. Much like certain breeds of dogs, they MUST be entertained- if you don't entertain them, they'll entertain themselves. And you will NOT like whatever it is they think up. It's always messy.
Can be very aggressive with other cats (may be unique to Sally, though, as she was the runt of her litter- bengal with a napoleon complex makes for a badass housecat).
And, sometimes, can be aggressive with people. My favorite incident is that my ex-wife once made the mistake of chasing Sally across the house... into a corner. You know how they teach you when you're young to never corner a wild animal? She apparently forgot, but Sally gave her a refresher course.

All that being said, if you can handle the challenges they're fantastic. Mine is really two cats in one; she's all of the things I wrote above but she's also the most playful, entertaining, and affectionate cat I've ever had.

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