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Originally Posted by faeflora View Post
Sonic doesn't control the way he used to. Not as good as the originals. Blah
I just played the demo stage again, and I figured out what's weird. If you are running forward and then jump, you have to keep the left or right directional control depressed in order to keep moving. If you release the D-pad while flying, Sonic immediately comes to a dead stop, right in midair.

So yeah- it's different. Downright weird, in fact. But once I figured that out, it's actually working for me.

I've read a couple of reviews which were critical of things like the fact that you can very easily run straight into your death by spikes / falling / enemies / etc, without ever having seen them coming. What I want to know is this: Did any of the people writing these things ever actually play the original? The protagonist is a little spiny rat travelling faster than the speed of sound in an environment filled with dangerous pointy things designed by a sociopathic robotics engineer on acid. What the hell do you expect to happen? Perhaps you'd be happier with a nice, safe copy of Kirby's Adventure or Nintendo's more recent smash anti-hit Puppy Palace. Nothing sharp and pointy there.

Originally Posted by curly View Post
No, not worthless. Like I said, if your nerd status is important to you, so are your gamer points.
So, worthless then.
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Originally Posted by Joe Perez View Post
So, worthless then.
Oh, well yeah. But I'm proud of my 3500 pts.

It's also a good way to still have fun with a game once you've beaten the main story line. Go into the achievements for that game, and try out the ones you haven't unlocked. Some are unfortunately hidden though.
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got this for the iphone today....worth it as a handheld game.
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Needs more Blast processing.
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I can't beat the final form of Eggman for the LIFE of me. Pissing me the **** off it is.
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The genesis titles were the best. I liked the dream cast Sonic Adventure games and the game cube remakes were the same. Sonic Heroes was good too.

Starting with Shadow the Hedgehog for ps2 things went down hill. I mean who puts guns in a kids game? All after this game straight sucked... They were not worth the 15 dollars for this game.
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