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Rodney in the Disgustang is a sad person.
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Originally Posted by Broke Neck View Post
Ran all DE1 and sometime in DE2 on street tires. NASA is the only SANCTIONED track event ive been part of, we rent out blackwaters road course once a month and race there. So as far as "HPDE" goes ive done 8 events .... but as far as being "ON TRACK" a bit more than that.

The car is a track car, it will always be on slicks now that I have them. I have a turbo foxbody for my driver on the street.

So why is it important to know what a street tire can do on a N/A miata if the miata will always have slicks on it and not be driven on the street?

Still waiting for an actual point on why a blower is bad, youve yet to provide that.

You are correct im still learning my cars limits, but if im going to do hp level change like that, wouldnt I want to learn my cars limits with that power before I go TT ?

Awesome Im a noob, but please provide me with an ACTUAL legitimate answer on why a blower is so terrible ... or just cop out and call me a noob all day, which im ok with. Congrats on being a miata owner longer than myself.

Im not looking to run spec miata at the moment, im looking to run with a pack of cars and work my way through them, which again .... is more fun than running with no one and getting your fastest lap time.
he's trying to keep you from looking like that mustang on the track. fast on the straights, puss in the corners. basically, when you have a car with lots of torque, or high power/weight ratio, it's easy to slow down more than necessary, turn below the limit, and rocket out of the corner with power. in an underpowered car, you don't have that luxury, so every turn must be mastered and taken with the least amount of braking, and carry the highest speed thru the turn. pro's do this in every turn of every lap regardless of power for an entire race.

the other issue you have has just as much to do with safety as it does learning proper technique. problem with slicks is they have alot of grip, but they have more abrupt breakaway charachteristics. which means you can get to very high speeds before you realize they are about to let go. high performance street tires will give you more warning and allow you to compensate. how many times have you spun out? how many times have you almost spun out? at speed on a track, autox doesn't count.
if you really care about driving better and going faster, you'll listen to what were telling you. if this is just a passing phase for you, by all means, go fast in a straight line on the track. it's better (and safer) than doing so on the street.
if you doubt what were saying ask those questions on nasaforums, sccaforums, etc.
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