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Originally Posted by miataspeed2005 View Post
Some times I hate the human race and I always said that we will end up killing our selfs by all the **** the humans do.
96% of human beings have empathy properly wired in. It is 0.8% to 4% that have varying degrees of being born with a lack of empathy. They ruin it for everyone else. The extreme 0.8% are complete psychopaths:



Dr. Robert Hare claims there are 300,000 psychopaths in Canada <0.8%>, but that only a tiny fraction are violent offenders like Paul Bernardo and Clifford Olsen. Who are the rest? Take a look around

By Robert Hercz

...A psychopath can never be made to feel the horror of murder.

..The condition itself has been recognized for centuries, wearing evocative labels such as "madness without delirium" and "moral insanity" until the late 1800s, when "psychopath" was coined by a German clinician. ...

...he most startling finding to emerge from Hare's work is that the popular image of the psychopath as a remorseless, smiling killer -- Paul Bernardo, Clifford Olson, John Wayne Gacy -- while not wrong, is incomplete. Yes, almost all serial killers, and most of Canada's dangerous offenders, are psychopaths, but violent criminals are just a tiny fraction of the psychopaths around us. Hare estimates that 1 percent of the population -- 300,000 people in Canada -- are psychopaths.

He calls them "subclinical" psychopaths. They're the charming predators who, unable to form real emotional bonds, find and use vulnerable women for sex and money (and inevitably abandon them). They're the con men like Christophe Rocancourt, and they're the stockbrokers and promoters who caused Forbes magazine to call the Vancouver Stock Exchange (now part of the Canadian Venture Exchange) the scam capital of the world. (Hare has said that if he couldn't study psychopaths in prisons, the Vancouver Stock Exchange would have been his second choice.) A significant proportion of persistent wife beaters, and people who have unprotected sex despite carrying the AIDS virus, are psychopaths. Psychopaths can be found in legislatures, hospitals, and used-car lots. They're your neighbour, your boss, and your blind date. Because they have no conscience, they're natural predators. If you didn't have a conscience, you'd be one too.

Psychopaths love chaos and hate rules, so they're comfortable in the fast-moving modern corporation. Dr. Paul Babiak, an industrial-organizational psychologist based near New York City, is in the process of writing a book with Bob Hare called When Psychopaths Go to Work: Cons, Bullies and the Puppetmaster. The subtitle refers to the three broad classes of psychopaths Babiak has encountered in the workplace.

After thirty-five years of work, Bob Hare has brought us to the stage where we know what psychopathy is, how much damage psychopaths do, and even how to identify them. But we don't know how to treat them or protect the population from them. The real work is just beginning. Solving the puzzle of the psychopath is an invigorating prospect -- if you're a scientist. Perhaps the rest of us can be forgiven for our impatience to see the whole thing come to an end.
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two girls, one pup ?? it's 2 girls, one bucket of pups
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Originally Posted by buffon01 View Post
Animal cruelty is ******* sick, and should have more strict penalties and punishments.
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Originally Posted by icantthink4155 View Post
michael bay is a tool, he's just mad there are no explosions and robots in this video
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you can hate michael bay for anything but damn, you cant fault him for that. That's awesome. I've never seen any other "celebrity" offer a reward based on a viral video.

edit: and that apology is bullshit. in the video, you can clearly see that piece of **** is enjoying every second of it
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