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Default FM Boosted 1999 Owner

Hello everyone,
I am 21 years old and work at an aerospace engineering company. I bought my first Miata when I was 17. In between owning Miatas, I have owned 2 motorcycles. I took automotive in High school and two semesters of automotive in college. After ruining my first two cars by taking the hellaflushbrostancelife, I finally came to my senses and found a deal on an autocross based FM turbo 1999. I was is the middle of gathering turbo parts for my 1994 when I found this deal, I am currently selling my 1994 and all my turbo parts. I have learned tons on this site and have much more to learn. Anyways, I'll try to keep my pictures in order from my first Miata to now.

1995 with Hard dog double diagonal

Plasti dipped the whole car.. Rattle canned

1994 bone stock, salvage title, ready to ruin

1999 older FM kit. 2560, Bilstien coils, Kosei, bought off this forum.

Attached Thumbnails
FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_0500_e6014a4809481b3773b6398b5785bd4abee5b9d0.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_0499_b4ce5c2c36d01db152da25e1180c8c7698c55059.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_0501_1902ced925ffe62b6b22e9508fa743b956ff125a.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_1592_2edac1c5663042f3cfa81cadde5278694fbd1abd.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_1602_770e2ce2705e7442180c28bd9fa8c92f80fdb6ee.jpg  

FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_1593_5191bd4e9aa20101cef7f55eb4d5a056d760db6b.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_1814_245f0830bd2182b82e6bfff8dc7b1a2563a42118.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2072_6f63e0bb0e16f5a708b4fe5ce0b080f95ab189ba.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2300_4c43defda3c9d74a30b2a9a4ef32415702b5a23b.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2301_5d752e1dc3646f8ab185b5c32a04932159d54995.jpg  

FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2303_0965de73f69d0f52bea61335dcb8ab27b58c4999.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2352_a3841a549c26445cf33a380ff883ab6621c63eec.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2366_74e5087a8320ab0a77b3f3de647b18480399f7c1.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2367_001aef5feaaff876c092f0712c4587bdee0d313e.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2451_9ba25c2e1583094234e8cd91417b87b62ea68355.png  

FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-miata_photoshoot_2_9f073b7b713cf64d44c901e2a31cad49155e1c03.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_0155_e76aaa9b16a7eacfa4388e2328f49c33f877b144.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_1400_81fa2e4a93a77b3c8481df5082630cf4bea12539.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_1411_0034b4c5108642e190f5d7f35596dc41e180abc6.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_1781_11b39199523b7ec02dd5b92013e27a95428dc726.jpg  

FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_1799_cdd26dc37d10603bc618b8f8181abe47dad8718c.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_1851_6b8c1160d40aa1fe777d76a16d4dacc889141a3c.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2357_ff407a8fd2a81750cf2e15110c826872c309ac9c.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2401_e465628d87605a76b4574e17b14be8eb23c86966.jpg   FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2378_8138a5fbeb60e5a111100e4c02dcc2f0b7758806.jpg  

FM Boosted 1999 Owner-80-img_2377_54a86ac2852faeec223cdf7194931a00e175e67c.jpg  
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Welcome to the site JayMoney, thanks for joining up!
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