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Welcome, neighbor.

My home course is usually Sebastapol to Valley Ford and/or Bodega Bay and back, but I'm always up for new directions to head in.

Good looking car. And I'm envious of your cat in a box!
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Are you kidding me?

props for OP.

Only 50 or so props ahead of me already..

If you want to know how to REALLY **** them off, you have to troll very consistently.

Trolling brain is great, the above tip works very well on him, but be sure you dont mind being banned for a while, because he is pretty ban happy.

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Failure, congrats on signing up at the best site on the web!
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You feed your cat crap and she will surely die a terrible cancerous death unless you feed her better quality food.

You're the worst cat owner on this forum

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Don't worry, she gets a healthy diet of lizards and songbirds.
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Originally Posted by Failure View Post
You mean this?
Yup, that's the one. When I lived in Redding that's the route I would take to visit my nephew in Santa Rosa as it was a far more scenic drive. I never got my Miata on it, though. Had to settle for the wife's Yaris because it makes 40 mpg.
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So I finally got around to turning some wrenches. Found my water leak in the cursed drain plug and took care of it forever. While I was in there, I swapped in my 6 speed along with a short shifter (Ebay one meant for a 5 speed, it actually works pretty damn well), Fidanza flywheel, and new motor mounts and clutch hydraulics. And when I say "I", I actually mean my cousin who jumped right in and ramboed the **** out of it. The engine went back in less than thirty hours after it came out.

I also confirmed that the LSD in my garage is indeed a Torsen-type. Consider this a friendly reminder that the axle trick doesn't work on Torsen diffs because they act like open diffs when they're unloaded.
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