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Default DIYPNP, NB, what causes peaks in VEtable

Hi guys,

during my tuning sessions last fall I realized that the VEanalyze is giving me two peaks in my VEtable.

One in the area where you launch the car. (~1500rpm, 40-100 kPa)

One ~5000 rpm and from 120-170 kPa.

(My base kPa is 94-95).

Here are some screenshots.

These are my timing and AFRtarget tables:

What could cause this "peaks"?

Here is a screenshot of a log from last fall, where you can see, that the AFR hits the target quite well in the upper "peak-area" (ignore the AFR all over the place especially before the pull, this is an area of the VEtable ~20-40kPa in cruise, where I don't use VEanalyze due strange results I had in the past, I have to tune this section by hand a bit.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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Torque peak is whats going on @ around 5k... its where your engine is most efficient hence highest VE. The bottom one? Idk, but my miata has a similar spot there, where as my v8 rx7 I had ms2'd didn't.
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I also get the peak of idle. I figured it had to do with acceleration enrichment. i.e. this peak means you will have very little AE correction because it has been taken into account in the VE table
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