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Default DIYPNP not seeing wideband

Just installed my Braineack DIYPNP to replace my MSPNP. Started the guy up and it runs great after scaling the fuel table with req_fuel.

The only issue is that I don't get any reading at all in Tunerstudio from my AEM wideband. I've done the following:

-Changed to WB in Project Properties
-EGO Control is set to Single Wideband
-Burned the values for the AEM Linear to the DIYPNP (ECU calibration)

The wire going to the PNP is the same one I was just using for my MSPNP, I checked with a multimeter and am getting 4.4v-ish at full lean on the AEM gauge, so that's correct. The DB 15 wire looks fine and i'm getting the same voltage before the plug where it's soldered on. Any ideas?

I have both AFR gauges (1 and 2) up on the laptop screen, but both register 0v. I've disconnected my stock wideband. I had no issues seeing the wideband output with the MSPNP. The WBO2 is connected to pin 4 on the DB15. The multimeter sees 12v on pin 1, so it looks like it's connected ok.


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Bad solder joint. Resoldered and all is well.
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