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Right heres a 4th gear pull from this morning. Not to redline due to a few cars being about and my knocklite putting the fear of god into me.

I also added some timing back in before I set off and it was noticeably stronger going into boost. Ive included the msq

nice nice 3.msq
4th gear sex.xls
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Originally Posted by hustler View Post
you don't have detonation judging from your power-gay spark table. You'll get noise after 5k rpm on the knock sensor, that's how it works. You're most prone to knock around max torque...3500-5500, so spark advance in the table should be lowest through there.

Understood. I know I havent tuned spark properly in that I could advance more either side of peak torque, but for the time beng just to get to the bottom of this knock thing, I just set the whole row to the values at peak torque

Your VE table is **** because its not linear, but we already went over that.

Will take a look around at some other peoples VE tables and see where Im going wrong, but like I said at WOT my AFRs are solid

When you're road tuning, don't use fuel to curb detonation, roll back spark. Make det cans and then tell us if you have detonation...which you don't. I can't stress the need for det cans enough. I won't drive a car without them (when tuning for the first time). You wasted your money on that detonation detector thingy, but that's how you learn...through financial pain.

I know, ill get them done. Its never my intention to use fuel to combat timing related det, Ive just gone for solid, safe AFRs. The knocklite has been billed as one of the better knock detection devices, but if its hearing something else other than knock at the same frequency, its of no use

Your attitude is refreshing; you're more interested in getting help than crying like a belong here. Now, PM me nudes of your GF, and I won't ban you, and she better have huge ****.

She does.
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well, you don't know much about knock sensors, but I can almost promise you that its false-ing.

I already told you that your VE table is **** because its not remotely linear. Considering some values jump 20-points in a 3psi change, I don't believe for a minute that your EGT's are on-point.
compare your dogshit:

to my glory:
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