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Default guidelines for wideband delay?

is there any kind of guidelines for how to set the wideband delay when running megalog viewer? Run X amount of delay for every foot wideband is located downstream, rpm range you are running at, ect...
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According to megalog viewer, the delay is not how many feet wideband is downstream, but how long it takes the wideband to get the AFR info to the MS. I suppose that could also be feet related.

Wide band delay - Adjust Wide band O2 sensor delay, compensates for delay in WB O2 sensor readings If set to 1 the AFR value from x+1 will be used when processing record x. Example: Wide band delay set to 1, when record 241 is processed the AFR value from record 242 will be used. If set to 2, AFR from record 243 will be used. Normally,
Best results are achieved set from 0-2, depending on car setup, O2 sensor, records/sec in your log file and RPM you are focusing tune. Higher RPM's tend to need less delay.

Edit: just read their definition and make your own theory
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I use 1. Works fine.
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I use 0 as that is what I set my LC-1's delay too
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