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Default Help with Map and Baro settings (TunerStudio with MS1v3 on hr11d firmware)?

After a fair amount of searching this forum and playing around in TunerStudio, I've finally come to a point where I think I just need to ask a few questions.

I recently installed a second 250kPa sensor as per the instructions found in the "MS add-on" thread and for the most part things seem to be working correctly: When baro correction is enabled and set to take its value from x7 (JS5), I can tweak the corrections table in EasyTherm5 and after flashing the MS I can view the respective changes for BaroCorrection in TunerStudio.

However, I have noticed recently that my map sensor seems to be reading slightly lower than before. Previously it had read 101 kPa dead on when the car is off. I am essentially at sea level and according to the local weather station the barometric pressure is currently 101.5 kPa at 35 feet above sea level, however my map sensor reads a pressure of 98 kPa. I realize that this is only a slight miscalibration, but it still bothers me and I was hoping to fix it. According to some of what I've read, there should be a setting in the HR11 code (which I am using) to do such calibrations.
From this MAP Sensor Calibration thread:
Originally Posted by Matt Cramer View Post
The high-res 11 versions have a % baro mode that does what you're asking about.
I can't seem to find this % baro mode in TunerStudio though. Any hints/guidance?

Also, while playing around, I closed and then re-opened TunerStudio while the car was running. When it re-opened, it seems to have taken its barometer value reading from the primary map sensor and not from the secondary sensor that I installed for barometric correction, and as far as I can tell it does not update from the second sensor to correct the value. Is this just a quirk of the TunerStudio software or does it seem likely that I have somehow botched the installation of the secondary sensor? The BaroADC value seems to stay pretty constant (flickering between 92-93) and not fluctuate with the throttle, which I would think indicates that the 2nd sensor is installed and working properly, but I'm concerned that the Barometer value itself doesn't seem directly related to the BaroADC value.

Pertinent information:
MS1 v3.0, parallel install in stock '97 NA 1.8
Dual 250kPa sensors, with the appropriate caps and resistor installed and the second sensor output to JS5
MSnSE hr11d firmware
TunerStudio MS 1.14.1
Baro correction turned on in "Engine Constants", and Constant Baro fitted to X7 in "Barometric Correction" settings.
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I started thinking that maybe something had gone awry while I was building the circuit, but I've just double-checked it and everything appears to be in order as far as the hardware goes. Anyone familiar enough with this modification to help me troubleshoot?

I plugged the MS into my stim and used a small hose to test each sensor. They are both working, because each reacts appropriately when I blow into the respective sensor. I also tried turning the MS off and on while blowing into the MAP sensor, and the BARO reading seemed unaffected. Likewise the BARO was unaffected when I went from OFFLINE mode to online mode in TunerStudio while blowing into the MAP sensor, so I'm not sure why my BARO was reading vacuum the other day when I closed and re-opened TunerStudio while the car was running. I will probably have to do some further testing to make sure that it was just a fluke or quirk of the TunerStudio software.

Everything seems to be working properly now. Not sure if there was some sort of problem getting the settings to stick in the software or what, but it all operates as it should now. The only quirk is that it reads a couple of kPa lower than it really is, which I suppose I can live with.

I'd still appreciate some guidance in re-calibrating the MAP sensor in TunerStudio though. Any suggestions?

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(Posting from my phone.)

Reading doesn't matter as much as the operation.
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