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Default Help with MegaLogViewer

Hi all,

I picked up my modded Roadster on Friday and I'm looking to finish of a few jobs that need doing on it before the summer really kicks in over here. The biggest one is probably getting the tuning closer to something decent as its urrently running very rich, like 11.8 AFR at idle!

I need to work out how to use MSPNP, which the previous owner installed along with 440cc injectors and a Greddy turbo kit. I figured the easiest way was to go out for a run log the data using palmlog, load it through MegaTune and then see what I've got in MLV.

So, all is well and good but I'm getting some very odd RPM values in MLV. For example, if I view the trace for RPM/100 I can see what expect, i.e. idling at around 9-10 and the peak of 70. However, if I view the trace for RPM I get a peak value of 28275! Idling is at 3833 instead of 9 too! Putting the traces on the same plot I can see that they are correlate completely so the 2 are showing the same thing, just with the RPM being scaled from the true value by a factor of approximately 4.2.

Now, this is causing problems with me running the VE Analyzer as MLV thinks my idle is 1/2 way up my RPM bins!. As I said, I really want to get my AFR up as its currently idling at around 11.8. Apart from giving me poor fuel economy it will also fail the MOT in 6 weeks time! So, any thoughts as to why the RPM value is so screwed and how do I fix it so I can analyze and fix my AFR problems?


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Just fixed my own problem. It was caused by not havng the correct MSQ loaded in MegaTune when downloading the burst logging from PalmLog. Once I'd loaded that in the correct values appeared straight away.

I've run the analyzer and taken out a whole load of fuel. Next step try it on the car and keep an ear open for knock!
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