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Loading base map - signature format issue

Old 04-21-2019, 05:31 PM
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Default Loading base map - signature format issue

Trying to setup MS3Pro and I am having trouble loading the base map. I receive an error that states "Signatures do not match!" The issue appears to be due to the file signature formats being different. I try to load it anyway but then I'm presented with a huge list or errors. The base file is downloaded from the "MegaSquirtPNP Pro Map Index."

There are portions of the map that seem to load correctly but I want to make sure I haven't screwed anything up. What should I be doing differently? I am a total newb with MS so sorry if this is a stupid question.

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Old 04-21-2019, 10:37 PM
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I'll start with some MS3 background information first.

Configuration and dynamic data is stored on the MS in locations based on the MS configuration file mainController.ini.
This file will be stored in your Tuner Studio project, in the projectCfg directory, it's needed to create a specific tune.

Each firmware release comes with this configuration file which defines the signature that you are refering to (eg. signature = "MS3 Format 0566.18P").
Note that the signature value does NOT correspond to the FW version. This is probably because different firmware versions may not need to change this configuration file or because some of the configuration values may only be needed by TS (eg. units for display purposes).

Your tuning file is stored as a .msq file which is basically a copy of the configuration data stored on your MS.
This data also includes the signature from the .original mainController.ini file which is how TunerStudio can detect these signature mismatches.

Firmware updates are constantly being released as new features are added, existing features updated, and obsolete features deleted (on the MS2, due to memory limitations, older features or those seldom used are removed to make way for newer features).
Any firmware changes that affect data stored in memory require the MS configuration file to be updated so that TS will know about the new changes and ensure that subsequent TS changes/tweaks will edit the MS data correctly.

When you do a firmware update via TS, TS attempts to remap your existing tune to match the new firmware - it can do this because it stores the original configuration file in the project and compares it to the new firmware's configuration file.
If you're doing an update from the previous firmware version there will be few changes which you can read about in the Release Notes for the firmware.
If you're doing an update from an older firmware version there will be a lot of changes which you can read about in the Release Notes for each firmware release since your original firmware.
These changes will be reported similar to what you've seen in the Signature mismatch and will be given sensible defaults if you continue but you should endeavour to set them correctly.

Now onto your question:

The signature mismatch you're seeing is because your current TS project projectCfg/mainController.ini file's signature, or the value stored on the MS, does not match the .msq file you're trying to load (ie, the format of the data is "out of whack").

Your current project's signature is MS3 Format 0566.05P and the tune file you're trying to load is MS3 Format 0435.16P, which is OLDER than your current one so there will be mismatches that you can see reported.

The errors "Warning: Parameter in .msq, but not valid for current firmware:...." mean that those values will be discarded/ignored since they're not used for the current configuration.
If you're loading a tuning file corresponding to older firmware, this is OK because it typically means that that value is either no longer needed but you should investigate why (eg. functionality may no longer be needed or it may have been updated and need different configuration data).
ie. Read the Release Notes.

Array size errors are concerning since they NEED to be defined.

The easy option is to get the base map corresponding to your currently installed firmware.
The other better alternate options are:
1. Downgrade your firmware on the MS to match your base map and create a new TS project using the older configuration
2. Do a Base Map comparison in TS and apply the required changes to your existing Base Map (one-by-one, time consuming but safe - Release Notes will help here)
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