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Originally Posted by buffon01 View Post
What I meant by adjusting 4-5 point withing one value is that in Megatune if an x fuel cell value is set at 45, and you add fuel, you jump to 46. In TS if you're at 45 or any given point at that, you can in some sort change a decimal value i.e 45.2, 45.4, 45.6... and so fort.
Thats nothing to do with the tuning software, if you can do it in TunerStudio, you can do it in Megatune.

The VE tables are defined by the firmware, it's impossible to 'gain' more resolution purely through the software. The hardware (sic memory on the MegaSquirt), would have to support it.

See here:

So for MS1 and MS2 you can use decimal points in the igition table. However for fuel only MSIII can use points of a VE.

If TS is letting you do this in the VE table for MS1/2, it's a bug in the software and it won't actually doing it at all.
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She didn't start btw.. So I just hope I'll need this info tomorrow when the battery is recharged. Hopefully I just lacked the power to ignite.

Loaded a basemap, and I have TS ready for action once she's on the road.
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Ignition timing was 20 degrees off. No wonder she didn't start..
And the freakin' magnecore's make the ignition reading a nightmare, so note to self: Have OEM ingition leads next time.

She's off the support now and ready for IC and exhaust, so hopefully the tuning will start within a day or two.
Let me know if you have any other last minute tips for me

( where to fit the IC piping between the radiator fan and the power steering. By GOD it's tight down there..)
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