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Originally Posted by elior77 View Post
1K > Input1 IN > Input1 OUT > PE1

WLED > 1B&1G

This is how my ac is wired, I did this in order to use the ac idleup in beta13.
Worked great, now on 3.3.1a the ac does not turn on (with stock ecu it does)
If you switch on WLED, you will find that the AC works; however, the AC button will not control when it comes on. I do not know how the gslender code works, but on 3.3.1 I did not find a way to have the compressor relay circuit going through WLED/relay1/relay2. Looking at DIYautotunes page and what they recomended: DIYPNP MegaSquirt installation for the Mazda Miata

The A/C circuit:
1K -> input 1 in
input 1 out -> 1B -> 1G

This way, the ECU doesn't really have to "think" about switching anything, and the physical AC button/compressor relay controls when it flips on and off.
To use AC idle up, I took input 1 out and went to the proto area, then ran a jumper to PE1.
This way I kept all the original functionality, but also have the AC idle up feature. I will admit however that my AC idle up is *not* working, and I am not sure why. It is a low level input for the AC idle up settings, but I still can't get the car to do what it's supposed to. I assume this is a settings error, because I see no faults in the jumpers. Also, I kept r14 in place because from what I could tell in the multimeter, it was in parallel with the other resistors for input 1, and I didn't see a 2.2k ohm resistor making a big difference in this non-sensitive circuit.
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