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Originally Posted by cwall424 View Post
No doubt about it, the processor speed of the MS is MUCH sower than than the factory ECU in terms of processor speed, but that doesn't take away from the versatility of the MS vs. factory ECU. that being said, in my opinion, a properly tuned MS can DEFINITELY function just as good if not better than any aftermarket ECU.
Even on a 1990? I would have thought the opposite but have never really looked into it.

Anyway, I'm completely satisfied with my MS and its tune.
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I guess processor speed is a bad way of describing how slow or fast an ECU is. With the MS having a much more complex code schematic than that of the stock ecu (which most likely has a 4-8 MHz processor) it out performs the MS (which I believe started out with an 8MHz processor, I could be wrong) in terms of efficiency due to its simplistic code. So even though the MS has a faster processor, the stock ECU doesn't have as much data to process per second. The stock ecu has certain parameters that are held constant as opposed to the MS having dozens that are constantly being checked and updated and changed due to engine conditions and open loop tuning. So you are more than likely correct in saying the early miata processors were slower than the MS, but all that I meant by the comment of slow processor speed was that in comparison, the miata's processor is better suited for the job that it is required to do, making it "faster". Using the speed of the processor I suppose is like using hp to describe how fast a car is. My corolla has more hp than a stock 1.6 miata, doesn't mean it's faster. Mis-spoke when saying it is slower...

That being said, I am looking forward to learning about this thing in the coming months so that I can get into doing some tuning when I get out of school in the spring.
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Originally Posted by y8s View Post
Aside from some minor differences in enrichments and idle tuning, they all control fuel and spark with 3D maps pretty much the same way. And tuning fuel takes about 5 minutes on a dyno because they ALL autotune in some way.

Spark you can just copy from someone's conservative map and be 90% done.

Tuning idle and enrichments (driveability) takes time and I wouldn't pay a tuner to do that because it'd cost $4000 in labor.
THIS is my opinion also. Granted I do not have the experience on any other ECUs and still consider myself fairly new to the Megasquirt. From everyone I've spoken to about the modern technology and various tuners around here, I'd be very hard pressed to pay money for someone to tune my Miata for anything other than peak power.

Most of the time I've spent has been on enrichments, idle, temp compensation, target tables, etc. It hasn't been a set it and forget it experience, and I can't see 2-4 hours at a tuner making it any different.
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